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Crypto news API

The crypto market is a fast-growing and sensational industry today. The difference in crypto data is huge with every passing second. The internet has hovered with lots of information around the crypto news API as the need for reliable crypto reporting sources is urgent.

Websites are clamoring to rank their page on Google as fast as possible by resorting to claims such that they provide the best crypto news API. Thus, it becomes important for users and businesses to skim properly before relying on any sort of crypto news aggregator API.

To do this you must know what exactly is a crypto news API and what services it shall provide.

What is the Crypto News API?

Crypto news API connects users to endpoints and functions by providing worldwide cryptocurrency-related news data by scrapping various news sources.

Those interested in trading decentralized currency can benefit from crypto news API by viewing minute-by-minute market stats and gaining insights about when to invest and when to withdraw.

Expectations from Crypto News API

There ought to be certain prerequisites before you decide to choose a suitable crypto news API. Thus, the checklist below must be at least followed:

  • The API must connect the user to a secure endpoint and it should provide the relevant information.
  • The data should have been extracted from reliable sources and must be close to authentic.
  • For crypto data, the database must be dynamic enough to deliver instant data without any delay.
  • The most important requirement is that for such a connection, any personal or sensitive information must not be required.

So, now we are all ready to have a look at this curated list of 5 top crypto news APIs that you may find suitable. Let us explore these crypto news API free tools one by one:

1. Crypto News API by is a platform to search, track and collect worldwide news data. NewsData offers the best crypto news API which can help investors and firms to keep track of the crypto world. It provides information from 15000+ reliable sources from the past 2 years. This information includes published date, time, publisher, country, media info, and a lot more.

This easy-to-integrate news API fetches data from 69+ countries and 54 languages in a JSON, CSV, or Excel format. This retrieved news data will help you better understand and showcase up-to-date news, ticker information, and more. provides you with well-researched data so that you can make informed long-term decisions.

Currently, Newsdata has launched its separate crypto news App known as CryptoReach. This allows users to get all the trending news related to crypto in just one application under just one dashboard. To know more about the features of this application you can visit the website or download the APP from the play store for free.

What do you get?

News: Get real-time updated news and historical data about anything related to cryptocurrency based on search terms such as bitcoins, blockchains, the latest exchanges, and more.

Article text: Stop looking for relevant news in every article and filter your searches according to your requirements with advance search which includes info like the publisher, publishing date and time, category, language, or country.

Downloadable Data: It provides the option of downloading your searched news data for up to 6 months in JSON, CSV, or Excel format.

Request Data: You can even request data in case you need news data beyond 6 months or more.

Realtime Tracking: One can automatically track all the upcoming news related to any event or topic through the dashboard. With this real-time facility, the data gets updated instantly on being published online so that you don’t miss anything at all.

2. Crypto News API

Crypto News API is an instant go-to source for the latest crypto news from the best and most reliable sources. They provide data on top crypto tickers, crypto-related markets, and other individual crypto coins. Their strict curation system makes it possible to provide the most relevant crypto-related data.

The best part about this API is that they provide data in video format as well which is even more interactive and can instantly boost engagement on your website or app. The data can be obtained in JSON format. Apart from crypto-related data, they also provide news around other specific topics with advanced filtering. The most popular sources from which they index crypto newsdata are CoinTelegraph, NewsBTC, Crypto Briefing, Decrypt, and other credible sources.

3. CoinGecko

CoinGecko is a crypto news API that provides its users access to crypto data and other actionable insights. It provides crypto-related data ranging from reports, publications, newsletters, and many more. It is the largest cryptocurrency data aggregator with various crypto assets tracked worldwide. It tracks community growth, open source development, major events, and on-page metrics, besides also monitoring price, volume, and market capitalization.

4. Coinranking

Coinranking is a crypto API used to integrate real-time cryptocurrency data into any desired website or app through our WebSocket streaming service. It is the simplest API for real-time crypto prices of coins like BTC and DOGE.

It provides high-quality data about all types of coins with details like blockchains, price history, exchanges, circulating supplies, trading pairs, and more. This API supports crypto ordering, high-quality icons, up to 5 years of historical data, crypto pairs, and total market statistics. The overall data is downloadable in JSON format.

5. Coinpaprika

Coinpaprika API offers updated and concise market data related to cryptos such as the coin prices, market caps, volumes, return rates, ATHs, and more. They offer the crypto API service in both free and paid plans. The free version has limited credits and its use is convenient for non-commercial use. On the other hand, the paid plans are designed to be best suited for professional and other commercial uses.

The paid plans are again categorized into pro, Business, and Enterprise and thus you can choose according to your requirements. All data is either converted into JSON format or array data. In short, their cryptocurrency metrics cover ATHs of 24-hour volume and global market capitalization.


Today, almost all Crypto news APIs are made available in multiple developer programming languages and SDKs like Python, PHP, Java, Node.js, and others. All one needs to do is select your preferences from any API endpoints page.

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