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In this fast-paced environment, your organization would want to deliver comprehensive news articles every then and now. So its brand remains constant in the market and gets to know what is said about the company publicly. Therefore integrating a news API into your solution can be a suitable option.

A modified news feed is required that can instantly ingest customer’s specifications with a simple filtration method. Hence it gets easy for users to find relevant data from the news API.

Newsdata Enriched News API news apiNewsdata news API focuses on delivering enriched news data, utilizing hours and resources on product development. Furthermore, we track 100,000 news articles on a daily basis, covering multiple data fields. Besides, these fields consist of publisher, images, outbound links, publication date, language, country, snippet of the content.

Organizations dealing in media monitoring services, risk intelligence, or financial analysis are reliant on fact-based and high-quality data sets. Nevertheless, NLP and machine learning techniques should also have the ability to comprehend the context and sentiment of news data, research on the voice of customers, and perform competitor analysis.

Automation Delivers Relevant News Faster

With the increase of news data each day, it has become tough to extract relevant news articles from volumes of data. Therefore, by applying Newsdata’s in-depth entity detection, you can track news events that would have needed more complicated queries otherwise. Likewise, it can immediately identify news events related to industries that are important for different organizations.

Get Greater Context with NLP-Enriched Data

Now let’s focus our shift on analyzing why comprehensive news coverage is necessary. For example, you’ve found a possible fraud activity associated with your customers. Next, you want to know the whole scenario in a broad view. You may want to know if other organizations are involved in that fraud activity, or what are the conflicts of interest? Thus you can get answers to these types of questions with NLP-enriched data.

1. Entity Extraction

Newsdata’s enriched news API provides significant context. Hence, using entity extraction, you can find people, location, product, brand names, monetary values, etc. Moreover, you can combine the above entities while querying to get relevant news data. You can also detect specific entities from a large volume of news archives.

2. Sentiment Analysis

You can identify sentiment behind a piece of news information conveyed by the publisher. Similarly, you can detect positive news sources and get to know where your company stands, what customers look for the most. Likewise, you can track negative sources to identify where your organization lacks and take necessary precautions to improve public image.

3. Topic Labeling

With topic labeling technique, you can simply classify news articles based on specific keywords used. It also lets you label news sources into categories like politics, entertainment, sports, and economics. Hence using this method, you can get relevant news sources easily. Let’s say you want to find news articles related to sports and under that Basketball – NBA specifically.

4.  Image Recognition

To find out comprehensive information, you can choose to identify through videos and images based on your search. Additionally, our enriched news API enables you to check predefined keywords used on images that can only be traced by computer vision.

5.  Immediately Searchable 

Newsdata enriched news API is a customized news feed. Consequently, we serve the purpose of delivering relevant news articles to various organizations according to their customer’s requirements. Moreover, entities can directly ingest news feeds into their application. Hence, there’s no need to develop storage and search engine.

Towards a more intelligent AI application

AI and machine learning are one of the leading industries in today’s current time that will be worth $118 billion by 2025. As per the present situation, many organizations have shifted to work on AI applications because it is the future of advanced digitalization. Therefore, those who have not yet decided will probably join soon.

We get to see numerous organizations competing for the same space, where timing plays an important role. Thus, a delay in your product launch by a few weeks can make the difference between success and failure. So as to make sure your product starts well in the market, you would spend hours and resources on data enhancement. Along with, make sure to analyze suitable market conditions for your product or services.

Whether you’re in an enterprise-level organization or working for a startup, you would want to enhance your data with NLP processing. Newsdata’s enriched news API can help you with that. In case you are thinking to ingest high-quality NLP-enriched news data. Contact our data experts today!

Get Relevant Data With Newsdata Enriched News API
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Get Relevant Data With Newsdata Enriched News API
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