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Universities API helps University students all around the world with their personal or academic projects which involve fetching news data and market sentiment analysis. We take pride in being a part of their academic and personal projects and therefore provide them with special, discounted prices.

Scale is never an issue with us, and we provide News data from 76900 trusted news sources in JSON or Excel format. Not to forget our Analysis tool with this students are able to analyze news data for better insights. for Universities

Digital Marketing Firms for Digital Marketing Firms

Data is a really powerful tool, if you are able to process it effectively you can have an upper hand in the market. In Digital marketing observing and acting on it really matter and if done correctly your results will improve drastically as it has the first mover’s advantage.

With’s Analysis tool I have the upper hand as with this tool I can observe the market and understand what is going to work and act accordingly to get better results for me and my clients. is really useful in the Digital marketing industry.


Over time, has proven to be the go-to destination for world-famous brands. With our cutting-edge AI-driven News data Analysis tool gives you data in the most understandable manner and with that brands can easily understand the market sentiment and act accordingly to get better results. Therefore, helps big brands to grow by empowering their decision-making process. We have helped hundreds of brands with their growth. for Brands

Political Consulting Firms for Political Consulting Firms

Elections are a tricky business, and we all know that. Without proper insights, it would be really difficult to implement proper strategies that would result in a win. specializes in analyzing the news data that enables the political parties to better understand people’s sentiments and their opinions regarding social issues and other things, based on that you can create strategies that would allow you to get the upper hand in the political campaigns and convert your audience into voters. This significantly increases your chances for success.

Law Firms

Law firms have a constant requirement of getting reliable and authentic data in order to study legal cases and defend their clients.

With API law firms can get a better overview of different sectors which allows the law firms to understand the markets that are related to their corporate clients and to serve them better. Thus, API is really useful. for Law Firms