Get Historical News Data from all over the World

Get past 6 years of historical and archived news data from a database of 78384+ News sources In Excel, CSV and JSON formats .

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Global News Data

Global News Data

Get 6 years' worth of news data from 206 countries and 78384+ news sources and gain an in-depth understanding of your market.

Advance Search Filters

Advance Search Filters

Filter the data based on country, category, language, date range and many such filter options to get the data exactly what you need.

Structured & Indexed data

Structured & Indexed data

Get structured and machine-readable news data in JSON, Excel, or CSV formats and perform analysis to extract useful insights.

What’s included in the Historical news data report?

Our historical news data report includes raw news dataset in Excel/CSV/JSON format and analysis dashboard with lots of useful metrics.

Raw News Dataset

We provide a raw News data in CSV, Excel and JSON formats. The dataset contains historical News data exactly as it is posted on the News sources along with lots of metadata such as Title of the news, its URL, date and time, publisher and much more.
You can request the historical news data by filling this form.

Analytics dashboard’s analytical software analyzes the raw news data and provides lots of useful analytics on a beautiful online dashboard.
The analytics comprised of data and text analysis which include coverage, exposure, sentiment detection, emotion analysis, intent detection, keyword extraction and many more.
These analytics prove to be extremely useful when it comes to doing an academic research, social impact of a news or study the performance of a marketing campaign.

Price of the Historical news data report

The price of Historical News data starts from $50 and depends on the number of historical news you want and the length of the time.
It is a one time cost which is liable for a single report

Get Historical News Data

Price of Historical News Dataset depends on the number of records.

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Structured News data API collects all the available metadata related to the news articles provided by the publishers. All the metadata that we collect about the news articles are mentioned below:

  • Title-The title of the news article.
  • Article link-Link to the news article on the web.
  • PubDate-The publish date of the news article.
  • Author-The author of the news article.
  • Publisher-The publisher’s domain name.
  • Country-The country name of the publisher.
  • Language-The language of the news article
  • Description-The description of the news article.
Structured News Data

Applications of Historical news data

Some most used applications of historical news data are mentioned below:

Financial Analysis

Compare stock data over time, spot trends, and market forecasts against 2-year-old select articles from thousands of sources. Forecast the market and stay ahead of your competitors.

Market Research

Find out where the market has gone and where you can go with access to our historical data. Extract relevant news data to help shape your product launch and determine where and how to impact your business.

AI & Machine Learning

Use NLP, machine learning, and sentiment analysis to uncover new ideas. With a plethora of news data starting in 2019, you can easily create and train machine models to improve and automate your business goals.

Media & Web Monitoring

Expand your reach and learn more about the brands you manage with historical news data from thousands of sources. Build brand value and stay ahead of the competition. API Features

Supported Countries by Newsdata

206 Countries

Get Historical news data from across 206 countries.

Supported languages by Newsdata

89 Languages

We collect news data in 89 languages to offer you.


78384 News Sources collects news data from 78384 news sources across the globe

json response

Excel, CSV and JSON format

Identify relevant historical and real-time news sources and extract them in Excel, CSV and JSON file format with our news API.

Google News API

Google News Data

Get news data collected from Google news

Bing News API

Bing and Yahoo News Data

Get news data from Bing and Yahoo news.