Free News Datasets's free news datasets consist of news data from around the web and from a range of different reliable news sources, languages, countries, and categories. Our news datasets are used by various Businesses and individuals for various projects which include ML, AI, NLP, and Sentiment analysis, etc.

covid-19 free news dataset

Covid-19 news

Track and monitor Covid-19 related news from the world

Size :

8.95 MB

No. of Records :


Covid-19 and vaccine's free news dataset

Covid-19 and vaccine news

Monitor Covid-19 and vaccine related news from the world.

Size :

9.21 MB

No. of Records :


World Politics free news dataset

World politics

Monitor world politics with the news collected from the world.

Size :

5.50 MB

No. of Records :


Entertainemnt free news dataset

Entertainment news

Monitor the entertainment related news from the world.

Size :

16.1 MB

No. of Records :


Sport News Dataset

Sports news

Monitor the sports related news from the world.

Size :

30.5 MB

No. of Records :


Latest News Dataset

Latest news

Monitor the latest random news from the world.

Size :

152 MB

No. of Records :


Business free news dataset

Business news

Track and monitor business related news from the world

Size :

16.5 MB

No. of Records :


Science and Technology free news Dataset

Science and Technology news

Track and monitor science and Technology related news from the world

Size :

12 MB

No. of Records :


Health News free dataset

Health news

Track and monitor Health related news from the world

Size :

4.21 MB

No. of Records :


Customize your own dataset

Create your own news datasets with with raw news data in Excel/CSV/JSON format.

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