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A News API is a JSON-based REST API (RESTful API) that allows you to explore and fetch news articles or news sources from all over the web as per the needs of users. News API lets you track various news sources referring to the topics (or keywords) you are searching which you are allowed to scan, analyze, and enrich the data to serve various use cases that you have planned.

What is is a News API and a great tool to extract news data from the web. It offers a huge amount of news data that you can access in its news API. provides data from over 3000 news sources for live breaking news, historical news, top headlines, trends using API and you can collect the data in JSON or Excel Formats. is owned by Algodom Media LLP which is a thriving data analytics and data gathering company. Algodom Media focuses on providing  fast, accurate and authentic data and analysis solutions.

How Does Work?

Step 1: Visit the website of and register yourself.

Step 2: provides various pricing plans which you may choose as per your needs. Also, provides a free plan to understand better.

Step 3: Use’s news search feature to fetch the news data and download the data in CSV and XLSX format, or in JSON format through URL slug, also, you can fetch news data through a python script.

What are the products offers?

  • Live Breaking News API gets you top live-breaking news from all over the world in real-time. Apply multiple filters to narrow down your desired results.
  • Historical News API Search for Existing news, Headlines, Topics, or Keywords from the database of 3000 News sources archived in the past 2 years from 58 Countries
  • News Analysis Analyze massive amounts of historical and real-time news data from various sources to generate game-changing insights for data-driven decision making
  • Google News API – Get the articles from Google news along with the thousands of other sources. Its API contains all the functionalities of Google news API along with many more options which makes it the best alternative for Google news API API Features

  • Easy to Integrate
  • 3000 News Sources
  • 58 Countries
  • Download the Data
  • Analyze the data
  • 99% SLA time
  • 34 Languages
  • Excel, CSV & JSON format
  • Develop for Free
  • Google News API
  • Bing News API
  • Yahoo News API

Applications of  

PR & Communications: Analyze news sources mentioning your brand to measure the impact of your strategies applied to improve public relations.

Crisis Management: Monitor news sources to assess all factors that can impact your business and be better prepared for crisis situations.

Risk Mitigation: Track news mentions about your suppliers, monitor the legislative landscape, and analyze what your competitors are saying to the market.

FINAL THOUGHTS is providing a satisfactory job to its customers.’s News API fetches news data from all over the world. can give you access to relevant historical news datasets or get live-breaking news. You may have a look at a sample of the data here. Click here to get started.

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