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free api

Free API are like open-source tools allowing developers or individuals to access and integrate the information available on the search engine into their app, which can increase the app’s functionalities without the use of a single penny.

These open and free API tools open doors to vast data and functionalities, empowering individuals to add amazing images, real-time weather updates, seamless communication features, and even free payment processing.

API stands for Application Programming Interface which acts as the interface between two software applications. It works like a messenger, which helps us deliver our request to the resource provider and then deliver the response to the user respectively.

Before going into depth, let’s first understand what free APIs are:

What are free Public APIs?

Free Public APIs are like an open source of an abundance of data available in the search engine, which allows developers to integrate the information they want during the development of their websites or applications with zero cost.
Think of them as bridges connecting different software components, enabling communication and data exchange.

Top 21 free APIs for developers that can use in web/application development:

1. API
2. Alpha Vantage API
3. Binance API
4. Unsplash API
5. Notion API
6. OpenSky API
7. Twilio API
8. OpenAI API
9. Spotify Web API
10. Google Maps Platform
11. GitHub API
12. Stripe API
13. YouTube Data API
14. Slack API
15. Trello API
16. Freshbooks API
17. Yahoo Finance API
18. Discord API
19. Bored API
20. X (formerly Twitter) API
21. Books API

1. API:

Free API is a free-to-use news API, that lets you search and access news articles from all over the news sources in the world in many languages and you can also categorize news based on keyword, language, location, and more.

This free news API is useful to developers who want to add news content to their websites, apps, or services without manually curating or writing news content.

2. Alpha Vantage API:

Alpha Vantage provides a free API that gives you news related to financial data. These APIs allow you to access real-time and historical data about stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and other financial-related news and also offer a variety of free and premium APIs for developers and investors.

Moreover, it also calculates technical indicators, explores fundamental data, and analyzes currency exchange rates.

3. Binance API:

free API

Binance API is an open and free API tool that is a gateway that allows individuals or investors to interact with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

This means you can control your trades, access data, and manage your account all through code instead of manually clicking buttons, all by yourself.

4. Unsplash API:

Free API

The Unsplash API is a powerful open and free API that allows individuals and developers to integrate high-quality free images of over 2 million into their applications and websites, all of which are contributed by talented photographers around the world.

5. Notion API:

free API

The Notion is also an open and free API interface that allows developers or individuals to interact with notions programmatically.

You can write code to create, read, update, and delete pages, databases, and other Notion objects. Instead of clicking buttons manually,

6. OpenSky API:

free API

OpenSky API offers open-source data to developers about all the details they can integrate to track flight data around the world.

Also, they give you information about everything related to flights, like the heading, speed, and altitude of specific aircraft, and they also give historical flight data for up to 30 days in the past.

7. Twilio API:

free API

Twilio API is an SMS API that allows its users to send messages or communicate with multiple recipients at the same time.

The Twilio API offers a powerful toolkit for integrating various communication channels into your applications.

8. OpenAI API:

free API

OpenAI is an open and free API that lets developers and individuals integrate advanced language processing functionalities into their applications. It also unlocks OpenAI’s Large Language Models (LLMs).

9. Spotify Web API:

free api

Spotify Web API is a popular music streaming platform tool that streams the latest and highest-quality song content, from which developers or individuals can interact.

Additionally, with the help of the Spotify Web API, you can liberate your creativity and build innovative applications that transform the way you experience music.

10. Google Maps Platform:

free API

Google Maps Platform is a mapping tool that integrates maps, rich locations, accurate directions, and data into their applications and websites.

These dynamic features unlock a world of possibilities for developers and businesses.

11. GitHub API:

Free API

The GitHub API is an open and free API that lets its users integrate with the GitHub data and also lets users self-operate with the data and integrate them into the application. These data are also customizable.

Imagine creating repositories, managing pull requests, and analyzing code coverage- all without a manual click!

12. Stripe API:

Free API

Stripe API is a tool for managing online payments effortlessly and securely. Whether you are a budding developer or an emerging entrepreneur, it lets you manage all your payments securely and safely.

13. YouTube Data API:

free API

The YouTube Data API liberates possibilities for developers, businesses, and researchers by giving access to a vast library of video data with details like titles, views, and audience engagement.

14. Slack API:

free API

Slack API is an open and free API that lets developers and individuals integrate the power of communication and collaboration directly into their applications and websites.

15. Trello API:

free API

The Trello API lets individuals or developers interact with your Trello board, cards, list, and much more. This is an open and free API that lets you automate, integrate, and create custom applications.

You can create, read, update, and delete Trello’s fundamental building blocks, like boards, cards, lists, members, and more.

16. Freshbooks API:

free API

Freshbooks API lets its users manage finances through automation and integration into their applications very efficiently.

It creates invoices automatically and deals with the client’s data across the system, or builds custom reports, all without manual work.

17. Yahoo Finance API:

Free API

Yahoo Finance API is an open and free API. It is a good option for building investment tools, analyzing market trends, or staying informed about your favorite companies.

However, it’s important to note that Yahoo no longer maintains its official API. Access to the current Yahoo Finance API is provided through third-party services like RapidAPI.

18. Discord API:

Free API

The Use of the Discord API opens up lots of possibilities for its users and developers by allowing them to interact with the Discord server.

To enhance your community experience, you can automate tasks, and build custom robots, or you can also integrate Discord with other platforms.

19. Bored API:

Free API

Bored API is a free API that returns JSON format data to its users. This API is designed to help people find activities to do when they are feeling bored. It uses a database of everyday activities to fulfill API queries.

20. X (formerly Twitter) API:

The X (formerly Twitter) API is a free and RESTFUL API that retrieves all the Twitter data about its users, likes, and comments. This API collects Twitter data for further analysis of trends in the market.

21. Google Books API:

free api

The Books API is a free API that provides its users with comprehensive data on books, authors, genres, volumes, and publication details or descriptions.

Benefits of Free Public APIs:

Free Publis APIs offer a treasure trove of benefits for developers.

  • Balanced development: Everyone can build with no expensive licenses.
  • Speed up development: with pre-built tools and data.
  • Boost collaboration: Communities share knowledge and improve APIs together.
  • Wider impact: reach more users and also tackle global challenges.
  • Encourage creativity: experiment and test new ideas without a single penny.


  • The landscape of software development has drastically improved, all thanks to the emergence of open and free APIs. The seamless digital bridges offer developers all access to valuable data and functionalities. Liberate a world of possibilities for creativity, amazing innovations, and problem-solving across industries.
  • The true potential of open and free APIs is far beyond individual developer success. Organizations and communities alike can gasp for innovation, encourage collaboration, and accelerate progress in various sectors.
  • Imagine open healthcare APIs streamlining patient care, educational APIs democratizing access to knowledge, or environmental APIs enabling data-driven solutions for sustainability. The possibilities are truly endless.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is meant by OpenAPI?

Open API allows developers and machines to easily understand the capabilities and functionalities of an API, without needing to access its source code or documentation.

2. How to use Free APIs?

1. Know your needs (data, function, platform).
2. Find a reliable API (most used APIs lists).
3. Choose the best API (read docs, check limits).
4. Get your API key (if needed).
5. Integrate using tools or code.
6. Test and refine!

3. How can Open & free APIs be useful for developers?

Open & Free APIs can save time and resources by using existing data and functionalities, developers do not need to build from scratch.

4. Are free APIs secure to use in applications?

Free APIs can be secure to use in applications, but developers need to review the documentation and security measures the API providers provide first.

5. What should developers consider when choosing a free API for their project?

Finding the perfect free API for their project is not easy. However, developers should consider some factors, such as the quality and reliability of the data or functionalities provided, the availability of support and documentation, and any limitations or restrictions that can impact their project.

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