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Get live breaking news or search historical news data for past 2 years from 20,000 sources using API. Collect the data in JSON or Excel Formats.

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Live Feeds

Live Breaking News API

Get access to our API for live breaking news and headlines from reputed and global news sources as soon as they are published online.

News Feeds

Search Existing News

Search existing news sources, headlines, and topics from a database of over 20,000 news sources archived in the past 2 years.

analyze news data

Analyze News Data

Transform massive amounts of historical and real-time news data from global news sources into game-changing insights.

Live Breaking News Headlines

Get Live breaking news stories and top headlines for 7 categories from global news content or any specific country. Display the breaking news as a News ticker or download the data in real-time

Display Breaking News Ticker

Get real-time coverage of all breaking news and headers related to your organization on a single platform.

7 categories across 88 countries

Track breaking news related to 7 categories across 88 countries.

Easy to Integrate

Get access to our API and integrate it with your system to easily monitor all relevant news.

Download the data in JSON format

Extract all relevant news and topics related to your organization in JSON format

Analyze the News data

Uncover trends, insights, and other valuable information through our intuitive visualization dashboard.

news headlines
search for existing news

Search for Existing News

Search for existing news, headlines, topics, or keywords from the database of 50,000 news sources archived in the past 2 years, comprising 10 TB of news data.

Search news going back up to 6 months

Track and monitor news data for the past 6 months to find news related to your organization, topic, or keyword.

Easily filter all news data

Use various filters to navigate through large volumes of news data to get accurate and relevant news data.

Sort News Data

Sort all relevant news data based on popularity or traffic the news source gets.

Analyze News Data

Analyze extensive volumes of historical and real-time news data from multiple sources and transform them into game-changing insights for data-driven decision making.

Topic Labeling

Automate classification and tagging of unstructured news data from multiple sources.

Intent Detection

Track, identify and categorize news data related to your brand or organization from multiple sources based on intent.

Sentiment Analysis

Track news data and identify positive or negative news to gauge market sentiment with sentiment analysis.

Emotion Analysis

Analyze and classify news sources based on the emotions expressed by the author of the news.

Entity Extraction

Analyze large volumes of news archives and extract information relevant to you or your organization using entity extraction.

Semantic Similarities

Use semantic similarities to identify all news about any event related to your industry, brand, and business organization.

analyze news data

NewsData API Features

easy to integrate

Easy to Integrate

Track and analyze large volumes of news data related to your organization and uncover valuable insights.


5000 News Sources

Extract news data from over 5000 trusted news sources worldwide

88 Countries

88 countries

Track relevant news sources from 88 different countries.

Download the data

Download the Data

Extract valuable news data in a JSON file along with analytical insights in a PDF report.

analyze the data

Analyze the data

Use various text analytics models to analyze news data and extract insights for data-driven decision making.

99 sla time

99% SLA time

99% SLA time to provide an uninterrupted and seamless user-experience with guaranteed accuracy.

22 languages

22 Languages

Track global news sources in 22 different languages to access relevant news minutes after it is published

json response

JSON format

Identify relevant historical and real-time news sources and extract them in JSON file format.

Develop for free

Develop for Free

Get free access to API to develop and test personal projects

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After you purchase the premium plan, you will have access to our API. Just enter the API key to integrate it with your system and automate news tracking./p>


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Use the various news tracking and text analytics models to analyze large volumes of news data related to your organization and transform them into actionable insights.