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Today most organizations target News API for obtaining valuable insights, brand monitoring, market analysis, and product management. While in the retail industry, businesses and brands require to analyze their consumers need.

Moreover, web and media organizations have the dynamic task to aggregate reliable news to monitor customer’s mentions in real-time and notify regarding the same. Therefore, such organizations should use a tool that helps to identify mentions of different customers and provide them valuable news.

The need for timely, relevant, and trusted news data

The web is overwhelmed with thousands of news articles, blogs, posts published daily. But what matters is when you choose to pick quality news over quantity news, and that’s what customers look for.

Thus, in all a news needs to include comprehensive coverage, track real-time and relevant news data. 

 Nowadays, most organizations demand a news API that delivers sufficient and full-scale coverage in multilingual languages.

Furthermore your organization should plan for a news API that can deliver relevant news events, articles in real-time.

Likewise, relevance is interlinked with coverage and timeliness. So, a news API should aggregate relevant news information for their targeted customers. 

 However, the news is a crucial part of trading, delivering significant details that impact investment decisions. Besides, those investors who identify considerable news before time have the advantage over others who delay in reaching the source.

It’s a win-win situation for traders who can analyze factual news under financial markets. Sadly, the scalability of news from across the globe creates a ‘wall of noise’ that becomes complicated to monitor high-impact news. 

Now let’s understand how a news API can be helpful to deliver relevant, reliable, and real-time news? With an example of Revolut applying Aylien news API to get quality news data. 

Real-time aggregation of news data 

After a thorough trial and tested analysis, Revolut planned to ingest Aylien’s news API to aggregate effective news for customers in real-time. Moreover, Aylien news API tracks over millions of news articles from across 80,000 different sources each day.

In fact, every news article is passed through NLP and ML models, integrating into structured data. As a result, organizations can extract easy-to-understand, relevant news in time to impact on its customers. 

Revolut realizes the significance of news that requires it to be delivered to its customers. Therefore, the organization came up with the idea of having a separate news section for their app.

Besides, its wealth feature includes news from where news API provides the updated high impact news articles for respective categories like Top stories, Stock, Crypto. 

Further, separate stock pages have news stories and events like Tesla. Again, every category owns a news tab, delivering news for that specific organization and its related market. 

The Outcome

As a result, Revolut trading saw an increase from month over month of 75% because of users involved with news features from across the globe.

Not only this, it saw a change of increase from month over month of 45% in users applying news features of a single stock. Hence, it’s a big accomplishment for the Revolut trading team. 

Test drive your News API today

For most organizations today, a news API’s all about having exceptional qualities that can achieve targets based on their requirements. Likewise, any organization would want to access high-quality news to their customers in real-time.

Besides, your client expects to plan for an enriched news API with a customizable offering and deliver relevant reliable news data.

Visit Newsdata API to get effective and efficient news data in real-time. Our news feed ensures to provide only relevant and trusted news stories and events related to your industry.

Give a free news API trial today and experience its in-depth functioning following our easy instructions mentioned under the documentation. See you next time!  

How News API can help in delivering high impact news?
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How News API can help in delivering high impact news?
Here's a brief article on how news API helps in delivering high quality news to its customers. With the example of Revolut applying Aylien news API throughout the process shows the efficiency and effectiveness of the output that came out.
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