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news sentiment analysis

News sentiment analysis is a concept that you all might not be very much aware of. The news sentiment analysis is made up of two terms news plus sentiment analysis.

News sentiment analysis means understanding the sentiment behind the news, whether underlying the sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. 

Sentiment analysis is a technique used to determine the emotional tone of a piece of content, which can be useful for understanding public opinion on different topics. The sentiment could be positive, negative, or neutral. 

On the other hand, News API, a powerful tool that allows developers to access news articles from a variety of sources, can be used to perform sentiment analysis on news articles.

So, in this article, we will cover what news sentiment analysis is all about and how could it be useful.

Why Use News Sentiment Analysis? 

The question arises that why to use news sentiment analysis. The main intention behind this is to have an insight into the sentiment of the general public and can strategize accordingly in different fields.

It could be either used for

  • Brand monitoring: To know the brand sentiment
  • Research and educational purpose: For making strategy for public by knowing public sentiment
  • Politics insight: To know about the response of the general public regarding the policies
  • Service Motive: To understand consumer need

It totally depends on the business’s usage. But it gives an edge to an overview of public thoughts on a particular topic.

How is News Sentiment Analysis Helpful?

News API provides access to news articles from various trustful sources, including major news organizations, blogs, and even social media.

News sentiment analysis can help you to get the sentiment behind which is done by sentiment analysis tools.

Which could be significant for many large organizations, government institutions, and businesses. By this, you can analyze the sentiment of the general public regarding newly launched government schemes or regarding the sentiment of any organization. 

To perform sentiment analysis on news articles, developers can use Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, which can identify and extract relevant words and phrases from the text.

Sentiment analysis algorithms can then classify these words and phrases as positive, negative, or neutral, and assign an overall sentiment score to the article.

Now, let’s understand how it is useful for respective fields in brief.

1. Government institutions 

If we are in a democratic republic country. We as a general public have a right to exercise our rights and freedom given to us and freedom of speech and opinion is one of them.

Usually, the government launches schemes and bills in parliament for the general public. Sometimes there might be refuted against any scheme or law.


So institutions under the government can analyze public sentiment through news aggregator APIs and get a follow back on public sentiments. It would be difficult to analyze the whole news in text format so sentiment analysis API could help to resolve such an issue.

2. Organizations

News sentiment analysis is a lot helpful for large-scale organizations. Particularly who want to be aware of their reputations and other news related to them.

Well-reputed industries with big names are very skeptical about their reputation and the feedback received by the public. 

They can extract useful information by using an advanced search filter option of news APIs that can filter out the news articles or text data useful for them and can configure accordingly.

Not just only outside the walls of organizations but it is also very useful for Intra organizations such as to listen to the concerns of employees. 

3. Businesses 

Businesses need to be aware of the current market trends and tastes of the people. Ultimately the goal of any business is to serve customers and earn profit. It would be a hectic task to go through entire news articles which requires searching on Google and then reading through it.

Well, news sentiment analysis can ease this task by just having all the entire related news information you want and having a sentiment overview over it. For example, if business personnel dealing in “cosmetic products” wants to be aware of public opinion on the term beauty.


He could easily gather all the information and have an overview of this term which is quite debatable in the world of cosmetics. Many companies have changed the term from fair skin to glow. 

The use of News Sentiment analysis is not just limited to just three fields. It can also be used in the field of healthcare, research, and educational purposes. The main motive here is to make you understand how exactly it works.

So, by now we have covered why and how news sentiment analysis could be helpful and to whom it would be helpful. Let’s cover which is the best news API and sentiment analysis API in the market and how can you use both.

Best News API is the best news extraction API that can help to gather all the news past up to 6 months and also covers over 154+ countries with 81+ languages. You can easily filter out the specific country and language for your particular keyword or topic.

How to Get NewsData API

  1. You need to visit their website and click on Log-in
  2. Then buy their API from their pricing plan option which is cheaper in-comparative to other news APIs in the market.
  3. You will get your personalized API key by which you can access the dashboard.
  4. Then all you need to do is type your keyword and filter out accordingly 
  5. You can download the data in JSON or Excel format.

So this is how you can get relevant news on your topic. Now let’s figure out the way to run the sentiment analysis on the unstructured data you have. 

Best Sentiment Analysis API


Bytesview is probably the most accurate and best sentiment analysis tool in the market. Which offers the best sentiment analysis API in an affordable pricing option and can analyze text in bulk.

A bytesview sentiment analyzer is a useful tool for analyzing both structured and unstructured text data to determine user sentiments.


How to Get Bytesview Sentiment Analysis API

To get Bytesview API you need to contact them regarding the scheduled demo or you simply send your data through the mail which you downloaded from in Excel format.

After performing sentiment analysis on the news articles, the results can be visualized using different tools, such as bar charts, word clouds, and heat maps.

These visualizations can provide insights into public opinion and attitudes toward a particular topic or issue.

Wrapping up

Finally, wrapping up we concluded that News API can be a valuable tool for performing sentiment analysis on news articles.

Allowing us to understand the public’s point of view on a particular topic or issue with the ability to access news articles from a variety of sources. provides a comprehensive and diverse dataset for news and with Bytesview API it can enhance the outcome of your results.

As we have seen in our case study, sentiment analysis can provide valuable insights into positive, negative, or neutral opinions on complex issues like cosmetics.

The use of News API for sentiment analysis has the potential to revolutionize the way we understand and analyze public opinion. Which is likely to become an increasingly important tool for researchers and analysts in the future.

A Comprehensive Study on News Sentiment Analysis
Article Name
A Comprehensive Study on News Sentiment Analysis
News sentiment analysis is a concept that you all might not be very much aware of. Here we will understand what it is and how could it be useful.
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