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The new year is right around the corner, and looking back to the previous few years, we have seen a lot of things happening around the globe.

Whether it’s regarding COVID, economic crisis, cryptocurrency, or a war. These days, people want to be updated on every single piece of information around the globe. So here are some points on why you should use the API in 2023.

1. Digitalization

Due to the emergence of the modern lifestyle, organizations nowadays have gone busy with their working schedule.

Nowadays such big industries barely have any time to look after their competitors they can’t even read the whole news. So API provides users to download the whole information in JSON, CSV, and excel format.

So users can easily copy the entire data and provide it on their newsfeed in a readable manner and present it to their website users, and they can stay updated by just reading the headline.

2. A reliable source of news information

In today’s world where every second fake news is being circulated through social media sites. Our API extracts the news from reliable sources such as cryptopotatoBBC news, CNN, and the new york times.

So it eliminates the risk of fake news circulation on your dashboard and you can freely present the data on your website.

3. More features in comparison with other APIs news API provides several more features in comparison to other APIs available in the market such as being multilingual which covers 77 languages, covers more than 150+ countries, real-time article availability, 5 years of historical news, and users can download the data and also dedicate 24/7 tech support whereas other APIs provide their tech support only during US and European timings.

data collection

Not only that also offers a free plan with 200 credits per day, whereas provides 100 credits per day and in the premium plan provides 20,000 to unlimited credits per day and provide 250,000 to 2,000,000 per day.

4. Budget-friendly

If we compare other news APIs we provide our product at pocket-friendly prices. Whereas provides its basic starting plan at $449 whereas provides its corporate plan which is its premium plan at just $299.99 with more features.

So why choose something which is expensive and why not go for something which is cheaper and provides more function.

5. Useful amidst covid

Back in 2020–21, during the pandemic, several COVID tracking apps were promoted among people to give them precise information. So organisations can use API to keep track of such news and keep their users updated.

6. Helps in tracking business competitors

Due to the emergence of industrialization and globalization, many big industries want to keep track of their competitors. API can provide time to time relevant news to their dashboard.

News API

It has declined the latency rate in terms of taking the course of action where the earlier organization had to wait for news to be circulated in the offline market and also it has been shown to improve businesses’ strategy which ultimately results in improving their efficiency.

It can also identify risk-related triggers such as bankruptcy, negative news, litigation, etc. Also, enterprises can keep track of the market and get a quick insight into customer tastes and preferences efficiently.

7. Crypto News

Nowadays, people and organizations have become savvy investors, and due to the emergence of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and crypto mining, which has become a sensitive and dynamic topic due to the claims of it being a bubble, investors want to stay updated and be fully aware of the crypto market on a daily and live basis.

So our API also extracts the crypto news from reliable sources such as Bitcoinistcryptoast, and cryptoslate.

8. Historical news also provides the option to gather historical news for its users, which is archived up to 2 years old in our database.

News up to 6 months old is easily available on our dashboard, and if users want way older articles that are up to the 2-year limit, they can send the requested data to our website.

9. Alternative for Google news API

Being a pocket-friendly API in the market doesn’t mean that it lacks features. It is a perfect replacement for Google news API with all the functionality with it and features of all the categories that Google API provides.

So without giving it a second thought, you can easily consider as a perfect replacement for Google news API.

Final thoughts

Here we have discussed the need for the News API because of the emergence of new technology and source of the media.

Despite the availability of several APIs in the market why you should choose API over other APIs, you can read more blogs on our website in our with detailed comparisons. Stay tuned for upcoming articles.


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