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Best News API

With the increased demand for efficient news APIs, a great number of viable options are competing to make their mark in this industry. Several best news API’s have appreciated their process to provide an efficient data extraction experience to the user.

In this article, we will analyze different news API providers based on technicalities. We will then determine the best news API on the market.

Top Contenders in the Market

Before we proceed with the analysis of the best news API, we must look at the top contenders present in the market. Mentioned below is a list and briefing about the providers.

1. is among the best news API contenders for data extraction with news APIs. It has been in this race for quite some time now. It is known for providing advanced features to boost data extraction efficiency.


Yet another best news API contender for data extraction is It is a simple and easy-to-use REST API that extracts current and historic news articles from worldwide sources.

3. is another best news API contender that provides access to global news from various sources. This platform lets you rely on it to extract only relevant data.

4. Goperigon

Another one of the best news API contenders is Perigon, also called Goperigon News API. This platform is famous for providing real-time AI-powered contextual intelligence to enhance users’ overall experience.

5. is yet another best news API contender, providing access to over 70,000 news sources. This platform also allows the user to search for news semantically.


The GNews API is one of the best news API contenders, and it is also a simple REST API. This platform lets you fetch current as well as historic news articles using news APIs.

7. Newscatcher

Lastly, Newscatcher is also the best news API contender, providing real-time access to over 70,000+ sources to its users. This platform is also famous for providing real-time news content with advanced features like sentiment analysis.

These were some of the top news API contenders we will be considering in our analysis of the best news APIs.

Recent Trends

Acknowledging the existing trends in the news API market is equally important for analysis. This not only helps identify customer and market needs but also helps analyze the changing trends in the market.

As per the trends, providers like Newscatcher News API,,, and emerged as the established providers. These providers not only provide data fetched from 50,000+ sources but also provide users with sufficient filters and parameters to ensure efficient data extraction., Newscatcher News API, and are also known for providing advanced features like sentiment analysis to their paid users.

On the other hand, providers like Aylien and Contify are emerging with unique strengths. The Aylien specializes in AI-powered news headlines and delivers the news in a clean, ingestible, structured format. Whereas Contify uses advanced machine learning and contextual-noise filtering algorithms to deliver only efficient results to its users.

Thus, it can be said that advanced features and efficient data extraction processes are what make the user choose a specific platform and the best news API provider.

Factors taken in Consideration

To determine the best news API, we will be evaluating the APIs based on the following factors:

1. Sources and countries

The foremost factor of consideration for the best news API is the sources and countries the given provider fetches data from and provides to the user. The number of sources varies from 50+ to 1,00,000+ for different providers. Similarly, the countries data is fetched varies from 30 to 150+ depending on the provider.

2. Languages

The next contributing factor for the best news API is the languages in which the providers fetch data and provide it to their users. The minimum number of languages provided by one of the provider is 22. On the other hand, the maximum number of languages provided by another provider is 80 or more.

3. Advanced Features

Advanced features are increasingly being provided by providers to have a distinct value in the market and stay in the race for the best news API. Some of these features have already helped providers like,, Newscatcher, etc., stand out from their competitors.
There are two main advanced features we will consider under this:

  • Sentiment Analysis

    This feature has been gaining ground among the best news APIs. It helps analyze the overall sentiments of the articles fetched. This further helps in analysis, especially when the data is being fetched to study the market and public opinion or sentiment towards a particular event. provides such a feature to its users that not only tells them the overall sentiments but also gives the stats regarding the same. On the other hand, providers like Newscatcher News API and provide their users with just the stats of the same. Providers like and provide users with a sentiment range.

  • Historical Data

    Another feature that has helped one of the providers stand out among its competitors is providing historical data. Most of the providers focus on fetching just the recent news data from sources, but and Newscatcher provide their users access to historical data as well. provides user access to historical data from the past 6 years, whereas the Newscatcher News API provides limited access from the past several months.

4. Response Objects

The next factor to consider in determining the best news API is the response objects provided to the users by the providers once the data is fetched. Response objects are a list of items fetched by the news APIs.
Some providers provide as many as five or more response objects to their users, whereas others provide as many as twenty or more response objects. While the number of response objects provided by remains the lowest at just 5+, and Newscatcher are the only providers with response objects over 20.

5. Filters and Parameters

The next factor to consider for the best news API is the filters and parameters provided by the providers. Filters and parameters play a crucial role in refining and narrowing down the search results. Providers like and provide different parameters and filters as per the data you want to extract. On the other hand, and are known for providing 20+ filters and parameters to users for efficient data extraction.

6. Endpoints

The next factor to consider for the best news API is Endpoints. These are the specific access points in the API that let you extract different types of data and functionalities. The endpoints provided by different providers differ. Some providers, like,,, and Newscatcher, generally provide only 2-3 endpoints. On the other hand,,, and provide 4+ endpoints to their users.

7. Data Type

The next deciding factor in the process of choosing the best news API is determining the data type a specific provider fetches. While most of the providers fetch news data in JSON format, provides data in Excel and CSV format as well.

8. User Support

User support might not be a crucial part of the data extraction procedure, but it helps enhance the overall experience of the user. This not only helps guide the users but also ensures all their queries are being answered. Thus, this feature is also important while analyzing the best news API.
Most of the providers, except Newscatcher, provide the live chat option to the user for convenience.

9. Client Libraries

Once the data has been extracted, the next step that follows is storing the data. As important as it is to fetch data, the format in which different providers fetch it is also crucial. If the format that the provider fetches data in isn’t compatible with the user’s system, then the whole process is of no use.
Except for and, most of the providers provide data in Python. Node.JS, and Java. Goperigon and are the only ones with non-client libraries.

10. Free Access

This factor is often underestimated when considering the best news APIs. Not all users want to fetch data on a large scale or as frequently as one would think. Due to this reason, most users opt for providers who give them free access., along with,, and Newscatcher, provides users with free access with varying limitations and functionalities. On the other hand, requires you to use Sandbox, and and don’t provide permissions for free or personal use.

11. Daily Extraction Limit

The last factor for consideration is the daily limit of news articles that a particular provider fetches. This limit varies from provider-to-provider, providing the highest limit of 1,00,000 articles/day. Following it is with 2,000 articles/day limit. provides the least number of articles with the limit of 50 articles/day.

Table of Comparison

News API Providers
Advanced FeaturesHistorical Data, Sentiment AnalysisNoneMin-Max SentimentHistorical Data, Sentiment ScoreMin-Max SentimentNoneSentiment Score
Response Objects20+10+10+5+5+5+20+
Filters and Parameters20+10+10+20+10+10+10+
Client LibrariesPython, Node.js, Java, C# and PHPPython, Node.js, Java, C# and PHPPython SDK, Node.js, Java, C# and PHPNoneNonePython, Node.js and JavaPython, Node.js and Java
Free AccessAvailableSandbox is a mustAvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailableAvailable
Daily Limit2000/day1000/day100000/day500+/day50+/day Approx.1000/day50/day

Analyzing your needs

There is a diversity of reasons why users need to fetch data. Based on these needs, the criteria for the selection of the best news API also vary. Given below is an overview of the basic criteria.

1. Data-extraction-oriented goals

The goal or result for which a user is extracting data plays an important role. For instance, if you want historical data to be extracted, would be an ideal option. On the other hand, if you want to extract news articles,,,,, and Newscatcher News API would be great options.
In case you want to fetch news articles as well as fact-check simultaneously, is an ideal option.

2. Essential Features Required

The requirement for features varies as per the data type you want to extract. For instance, if you want to extract historical data, the provider must include it in one of its features, like
If you want to check facts while extracting news articles, is an ideal choice.

3. Technical Knowledge

Not everyone who wants to fetch data has sufficient technical knowledge of the process. An easy-to-use user interface, a proper guide, and sufficient filters and parameters go a long way.,,, and Newscatcher News API are some of the great options if you have minimal technical knowledge.
On the other hand, requires slightly more technical knowledge.

4. Financial Resources

Yet another important criterion to consider while selecting the best news API is the financial resources or budget the user has. Sometimes the data extraction is so minimal or on a small scale that the budget is minimal.,,, and Newscatcher News API are great options for such cases.

End Decision

After going through a thorough analysis of the technicality and basic features of the news API, it can be concluded that each news API has its pros and cons. A beginner might find it easier to extract data using because of its user-friendly interface. On the other hand, a user who wants extensive data extraction might prefer

Likewise, the best news API for one might not fetch efficient results for the other. So, it is safe to say that we might not have the best news API provider, but,, and are the top providers.

Emerging News API Providers

While established players like,,,,,, and Newscatcher News API continue to increase their efficiency, several new contenders, too, have been emerging in the market with several newly launched features.

Aylien and Lexalytics are emerging best news API providers that specialize in sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and topic modeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a news API?

A news API is a web service that allows users to access news articles, headlines, and other news-related content from various sources.

Q2. How many sources should the best news API have?

The best news API provides users with a minimum of 50,000 sources they can fetch data from. But this factor can vary as per the requirements and needs of the user.

Q3. How frequently are news articles updated?

The frequency of updates to news articles varies from provider to provider. While some providers give real-time updates, others provide hourly or daily updates of news articles.

Q4. Can I filter articles based on my preferences?

Yes, some providers do give access to certain filters and parameters that help users filter articles as per their preferences. The number of filters and parameters varies. While provides more than 20 filters and parameters, provides more than 10 filters.

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