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In our informational age, there is a sea of news articles available and each one holds a piece of information you need and now you’re trying to understand what people are saying about a new product launch, or researching a topic for a school project.

Spending hours copying and pasting information from website to website would take forever. This is where News scraper tools and APIs come in. They work as “robots” that can dive into those news articles and extract the specific information you’re looking for, saving you time and lots of effort.

News scraper tools and APIs offer a powerful solution, automating the data collection process and saving you valuable time and effort. Imagine being able to extract targeted news articles and specific data points like headlines or sentiment analysis and organize it all into a structured format – all within minutes!

This article explores the top 7 options for news scraper tools and APIs, allowing you to turn them into actionable knowledge. This guide explores both free and paid options, making it relevant for users of all technical backgrounds and data requirements. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know how to pick the ideal tool and simplify your news data collection process.

News Scraper

News Scraper lets you tailor your news feed without moving your fingers. It is a program designed to automatically collect specific data from news websites. You can tell them what kind of news you’re interested in – politics, sports, breaking news – and they’ll find it all, extracting titles, text, and links for your convenience.

These digital assistants, known as web scrapers, are powerful tools for researchers, businesses, and anyone who wants to stay informed on their terms.

Best News Scraping Tools and APIs

1. Scrapy
2. ParseHub
3. Octoparse
4. SmartScraper
5. Bright Data News Scraper
6. ScrapingBee
7. Zyte Smart

News Scraper Tools

1. Scrapy

news scraper

This news scraper is a free Python program built to help you efficiently scoop up data from websites on autopilot. Scrapy lets you grab the exact information you need from the websites, fast and easy so you can focus on the other things like using that data to learn new things and it also gives you valuable insights you never knew existed.

Why Scrapy for Data Collection?

  • Built for Scale: Scrapy can handle massive data extraction jobs with ease. It efficiently scrapes complex websites and a high volume of URLs simultaneously.
  • Data Format Flexibility: Scrapy is not only limited to basic formats like CSV; you can store your data in JSON, CSV, or even custom formats depending on your project’s needs.
  • Customization Power: Scrapy is like a toolbox for web scraping, with its modular design, you can mix and match plugins and even build custom components to handle any website, no matter how complex the login procedure or data format.
  • Power of Python: It lets you write custom Python code and unlocks control over the scraping process. You can handle various websites, extract complex structures, and target specific data sections carefully.
  • Active Community: Scrapy has a strong and active community of developers. This translates to comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and forums where you can find help and share knowledge.

2. ParseHub

news scraper

ParseHub allows you to simply click and point to the data you want from news websites. There is no need to write complex code. Based on your selections, ParseHub builds a program that automatically collects the data for you.

This makes ParseHub perfect for beginners who want to get started with news scraping without getting stunted by the technical complexities.

Why ParseHub for Data Collection?

  • No-coding Required: ParseHub has a user-friendly interface that allows users to extract the data visually, unlike Scrapy, which requires Python Programming Languages. This makes it ideal for beginners.
  • Easy Learning: To help you get started with the basic scraping tasks and progress to more complex ones, ParseHub offers tutorials and a supportive community to help you with that.
  • Flexibility: ParseHub can handle various news websites with different layouts. It allows you to explore through pages, follow links, and extract data from different sections.
  • Automation: After setting up a scraping task, you can automate it to run on a schedule and collect news data regularly.

3. Octoparse

news scraper

Octoparse takes the complexity out of scraping news websites. Unlike some other tools that require coding knowledge, Ocoparse offers a user-friendly interface, that does not require coding knowledge.

Instead, you can simply point and click on the specific species of information you’re interested in the news articles. Based on your selection, Octoparse builds a program called “recipe” that automatically collects the data for you.

Why Octoparse for Data Collection?

  • Simplicity: It is user friendly and ideal for beginners because Octoparse lets anyone build “recipes’ (data scraping programs) by pointing and clicking on the data they need.
  • AI Assistant: Octoparse offers a unique AI assistant to help you extract complex websites. This can be useful for sites with complex content or heavy JavaScript elements.
  • Automation Powerhouse: Octoparse ensures you have the fresh data you need by allowing you to schedule data scraping tasks to run automatically at set intervals or specific times.
  • Customization: It provides the flexibility to customize your scraping experience for less common sites. Additionally, it offers a wide range of templates for popular websites, letting you get started quickly.
  • Cloud-based Scalability: Octoparse amplifies the cloud for data extraction, enabling you to handle large datasets and complex scraping tasks without limitations on your local machine.

4. SmartScraper

news scraper

This refers to a specific news scraping service offered by a company called Rentech Digital. They specialize in extracting data from various websites. Their service doesn’t just stop at getting the data; they can also transform it into usable formats like CSV or JSON and deliver it to you in a way that’s convenient for your needs.

While this seems powerful, using their service might require some technical knowledge to set up and run scraping jobs effectively.

Why SmartScraper for Data Collection?

  • Efficiency: It automates data collection automatically without manually searching, which saves you time and effort.
  • Scalability: SmartScraper also handles large-scale data collection from various websites.
  • Data Transformation: For easy analysis, it can transform the collected data into various formats such as CSV, JSON, etc.
  • Expertise: The company behind SmartScraper, “Rentech Digital.” offers data scraping services, which can be beneficial if you lack the technical expertise to set up jobs yourself.

News Scraping APIs


news scraper provides a programmatic way to access and retrieve news data from a large database through its API. it allows you to search for news articles, filter by various criteria, and download the data in different formats (CSV, JSON, Excel) without writing any code.

This makes it an effortless tool for anyone who needs to collect and analyze news data. Moreover, developers can integrate this API into their applications to collect, analyze, and display news information.

Why for Data Collection?

  • Vast Coverage: It provides a wide range of sources, covering over 55,000 news outlets in 196+ countries and 84 languages, allowing you to gather comprehensive data from all over the world.
  • Historical and Real-time data: offers access to both current news and historical news for up to 6 years, and lets you track all the news related to your specific needs.
  • Data Analysis Features: also provides some tools for analysis. You can check sentiment analysis to understand the overall tone of the news coverage or identify key entities and people mentioned in articles.
  • Easy to use: Even if you are a beginner or a programmer their interface is user-friendly for both, you can search and filter news articles for download. Moreover, they focus on reputed news organizations and ensure the information you collect is trustworthy.

6. Bright Data

news scraper

Bright Data is a news scraper API specifically designed to gather news articles: the News Scraper API. This API lets you collect data from a vast range of news websites.

The Bright Data News scraper API tool can be beneficial for businesses or individuals who need to collect news data on a large scale and also provides structured data extraction with targeted scraping from global coverage.

Why Bright Data for Data Collection?

  • Compliant and Ethical: It focuses on ethical web data collection, ensuring it can collect only publically available data and follows regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). They also have a dedicated team to compliance and ethics to stay ahead of best practices.
  • Large Proxy Network: Bright Data boasts the world’s largest residential proxy network, allowing access to geographically restricted data and overcoming challenges like CAPTCHAs that might block regular data collection.
  • Easy to Use: It has a web scraper IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with pre-built templates for popular websites, and its AI can clean and structure the data for you.
  • Focus on Public Data: Bright data provides access to valuable public web data, which can be used for market research, competitor analysis, and training machine learning algorithms.
  • Privacy: It prioritizes security and privacy. They collaborate with security companies and monitor for malicious activity. They also have a transparent acceptable use policy.

7. ScrapingBee

news scraper

ScrapingBee is a news scraper API that lets users effortlessly collect valuable news data and integrate it seamlessly into their applications. It removes the need to manage your headless browsers and proxies or deal with annoying CAPTCHAs. Also handles all the technical work behind the scenes, ensuring smooth and reliable data extraction.

Moreover, regardless of how it’s presented on the page, you can access the exact data you need because it boasts advanced features like JavaScript extraction.

Why ScrapingBee for Data Collection?

  • Effortless Setup: Users don’t need to manage browsers, proxies, or CAPTCHAs because ScrapingBee takes care of the technical hurdles.
  • Reliable Extraction: It also handles complex websites with JavaScript retrieval. Ensures you get all the data you need.
  • Focus on Your Needs: Target specific data using CSS selectors and get it in formats like JSON or CSV for easy use.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate the extracted data effortlessly into your applications.

8. Zyte Smart

news scraper

Zyte Smart offers a news scraper API that acts as the middleman between you and the websites you want to scrape data from, with features specifically for news scraping. It includes automatic unblocking, a headless browser for custom scripts, and AI-powered extraction.

Why Zyte Smart for Data Collection?

  • Getting Blocked: Websites can block users who send too many requests or appear to be automated bots. Zyte Smart Proxy Manager combats this by providing a large pool of IP addresses. Your scraping requests are spread out across these addresses, making it seem like you’re coming from many different users.
  • Efficiency and Scalability: Zyte Smart saves your time and effort by automating many scraping tasks compared to manual coding. It also scales well for large-scale data collection projects.
  • Data Accuracy: Its API’s AI-powered extraction helps ensure you get the specific data you need from websites. Moreover, even if the website structure changes slightly, its pre-built templates and machine-learning tools can identify and extract relevant information from news articles.
  • Flexibility: Zyte offers pre-built templates but, at the same time, also provides a headless browser environment for writing custom scripts. This allows you to handle complex website structures or scrape data that is not readily available through templates.
  • Focus on Your Needs: Zyte Smart streamlines the technical aspects of web scraping, allowing you to focus on analyzing and utilizing the collected data.


To conclude, the ability to gather information from news articles according to your needs is more valuable than ever, and manually searching and collecting the data you need can be a time-consuming and irritating task. But with the help of some news scraping tools and APIs, whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned programmer, it is possible to extract all the specific data you need programmatically.

Ultimately, the perfect news scraper tools and APIs depend on your technical skills, your budget, and what kind of news data you want to extract. Before using these tools think about how easy it is to use, how much data it can handle, what kind of information it can extract, and most importantly the cost when making your choice. Moreover, use these tools wisely, do not overload them with requests, and always follow the terms and conditions of the websites you scrape from.

ParseHub” which provides visual scraping without coding to the “Scrapy” news scraper tool requires some coding knowledge and also provides a customizable framework. Moreover, Zyte Smart stands out with automatic unblocking, AI-powered extraction, and a headless browser for complex situations So Choose accordingly.


1. How can news scraper tools and APIs benefit businesses and researchers?

News scraper tools and APIs can be a game-changer for businesses and researchers by automating data collection from news websites. This unlocks a wealth of valuable information that can be used to gain a competitive edge or conduct in-depth studies. Here is how these tools benefit different groups:
Businesses: market research, brand monitoring, lead generation, etc.
Researchers: data collection, comparative analysis, identifying emerging issues, and many more.

2. Which news scarper tools are recommended for beginners?

Several user-friendly news scrapers are available to get you started without needing to write complex code. Two highly recommended tools for beginners are ParseHub and Scrapy, both of which offer visual interfaces that make scraping news websites easy.

3. How can I ensure the legality and ethical use of news scraper tools and APIs?

Here are some key points to ensure the legality and ethical use of news scraper tools and APIs:

Respect Website Terms of Service (ToS):

Every website has a ToS that outlines the acceptable use of its content. Scraping data might violate their terms if not done properly. Always read the ToS of any website you plan to scrape from. Look for sections on scraping, data access, or robots.txt files.

Some of the websites prohibit scraping; respect their decision, and find alternative news sources that allow scraping or consider reaching out to the website owner for permission.

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