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Sales intelligence is an innovative technology solution that provides the collection of prospect data and insights to the sales team to discover, analyze and better understand their outlook and track critical buying signals.

Sales intelligence provides a huge amount of diverse information and unique insight into customer buying patterns.

It helps salespeople identify the possible opportunities that can elude competitors and analyze accurate improvement of quality and quantity. As salespeople spend a majority of time researching if they are able to fulfill the requirements of their ideal customer profile or not. And if they are, then they determine if these customers will make a purchase, and if it is worth putting time and energy into making them customers.

Benefits Of Sales Intelligence 

  • Better and more accurate data
  • Faster and predictable prospecting
  • Easier customer identification
  • Visibility of customer intent
  • Accelerated sales cycles

How To Use Sales Intelligence

  • Think strategically
  • Search for opportunities
  • Be careful about what you share
  • Focus on what matters

To access dashboards for every sales professional about news and events of any organization or individual without a requirement of human intervention, we need a tool or a platform, and this, essentially, is what News API was built for.

We have that provides a news API to fetch news data from all over the world. is a News API and a great tool to extract news data of any organization from the web. They offer a huge amount of news data that we can access in its news API. They provide data from the past 2 years of historical and archived news data from a database of 3000+ News sources and you can collect the data in JSON or Excel Formats.


Here are the products offers:

  • Live Breaking – Get access to our API for live-breaking news and headlines from reputed global news sources when they are published online.
  • Historical News – Search existing news sources, headlines, and topics from a database of over 3000 news sources archived in the past 2 years.
  • News Analysis – Transform massive amounts of historical and real-time news data from global news sources into game-changing insights. API Features

  • Easy to Integrate
  • 3000 News Sources
  • 58 Countries
  • Download the Data
  • Analyze the data
  • 99% SLA time
  • 34 Languages
  • Excel, CSV & JSON format
  • Develop for Free
  • Google News API
  • Bing News API
  • Yahoo News API

Here are some widely used and known applications of

PR & Communications: Analyze news sources mentioning your brand to measure the impact of your strategies applied to improve public relations.

Crisis Management: Monitor news sources to assess all factors that can impact your business and be better prepared for crisis situations.

Risk Mitigation: Track news mentions about your suppliers, monitor the legislative landscape, and analyze what your competitors are saying to the market.

It helps sales leaders and individual salespeople to have both the strategic and tactical intelligence that will help them to do their job in a better way. In brief, brings sales intelligence to the individuals who need it.

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