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google news API vs News API

If you are among those group of people who keeps themselves updated and keep track of every single piece of information then you might know what Google News API is.

Google News API is a comprehensive API that allows users to get news-related articles for various purposes.

For gaining access to information-related content material, Google previously offered the Google News RSS feeds, which allowed developers to retrieve information articles from numerous assets based totally on certain standards like keywords or subjects.

Google news API is free but there are certain limitations with News API. We couldn’t call Google News API the feature-rich API for developers and Google also shifted their focus of service on other products.

Limitations of Google News API

Google News API was discontinued around May 2011 and Google started focusing on other services and products. Google doesn’t provide its own news API anymore.

You could customize your search request to various websites and topics. As the Custom search interface slowly advanced into Google Programmable Pursuit, these elements remained.

However, there were a couple of limitations.

Structure of Data

While Google can extract structured data from HTML meta tags, its search results are typically restricted to a title, link, and text excerpt.

But what about other vital details like the post’s author, nation, language, or name and date of publication?

Businesses that use Google’s API for search results must structure their data before feeding it into an algorithm for insights, which takes a significant amount of time and resources. Especially when you have to take care of large amounts of data.

Change of Focus

One thing about Google is that they are not afraid to adopt changes and their focus on other diverse products.

The same thing happened with Google News API, Google gradually shifted its attention to something else and many other better alternatives with well-versed features were available in the market. Then eventually they shifted their focus and discontinued Google News API.

Works According to Google’s Algorithm

Google brings updates on their algorithm regularly and most of the articles that the API extracted were based on Google’s algorithm rather than the importance and how relevant it is to businesses and organizations.

So now with the discontinuation of Google News API, what’s the next best alternative that businesses can opt for and boost their competitive intelligence?

The Best Alternative For Google News API-

If we talk about it resolves all the limitations and is more featured stacked in comparison to Google News API.

The best part about this API is that it offers a free plan and you can also use it right now just by searching the keyword below.

Apparently, if you dont have a coding background you can still use our News API with a user-friendly interface and easy to extract data from across the trusted sources.

If you want to integrate our API into your website or application you can visit our documentation page and check the process.

Features of News API

    • allows you to track news sources from 154+ countries and can filter those articles based on country, publisher, date, language, and many other categories.
    • is the best Google News feed API, as it not only scrapes news from Google news but also scrapes news from other popular news sources like CNN, BBC, and many more.
    • Users can also download the past 5 years of historical data for researchers and scholars, which would help them with their research.
    • You can download the data in JSON, XLSV, and CSV formats from 50,000+ sources and in 81different languages. So you won’t need the different sources to collect the data and will scrape all the data in just under one dashboard. is also pocket-friendly and offers different pricing plan options according to your needs which you can check out by yourself.

All these factors make the next best alternative to Google News with more features and much better options.

Enhance Your Analysis With

With the data and articles retrieved by, you can enhance your research and business intelligence. Manually going through the articles and scraping the information wouldn’t be efficient and end up draining your time.

So our news API can help you to get all the possible articles and data which will help you to save time.

If you want to organize, high-quality data at a scale that isn’t dependent on Google’s algorithm and that you can count on to continue running in the near future, check out which is an advanced News API.

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