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The world of cryptocurrency is a dynamic landscape, with developments and trends that shift at lightning speed. Staying informed about the latest happenings in the crypto sphere is crucial for investors, enthusiasts, and researchers. Enter, a trusted news data provider that offers a dedicated “Crypto News” endpoint within its API.

Our crypto API extracts crypto news sources from the most trusted and popular domains such as cointelegraphs, Forbes, and Coin Gape. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of the “Crypto News” endpoint, its features, and how it empowers you to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

How to Utilize Crypto Endpoint’s “Crypto News” endpoint is a specialized feature designed to deliver real-time news articles exclusively related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Whether it’s the launch of a new token, regulatory developments, or market trends, this endpoint provides a curated stream of crypto-focused news articles.

1. Construct Your Request: To retrieve crypto news articles, start by constructing an API request using the “Crypto News” endpoint. API KEY

2. Authentication: Don’t forget to include your API key in the request to authenticate your access to the “Crypto News” endpoint.

3. Add Filters: Construct your request by including filters such as keywords, sources, and languages. This ensures that the returned articles align with your specific interests.

4. Receive and Process: Upon making the request, you’ll receive a JSON response containing a curated list of crypto news articles. Each article’s details include its title, source, publication date, URL, and more.

Whether you’re a trader, investor, or blockchain enthusiast, the “Crypto News” endpoint equips you with insights to make informed decisions.

Request Parameter of Crypto News Endpoints

1. q: Search news articles of specific keywords anywhere presented in the entire article. For example, q=bitcoin will show all the relevant articles that contain the keyword Bitcoin. API KEY&q=Bitcoin

This will fetch all the relevant articles that contain the keyword Bitcoin even if it’s mentioned in the content or title. Similarly you can add various queries and fetch your data.

2. qInTitle: This parameter will help users search news articles for specific keywords or phrases present in the news titles only. For example, qInTitle=Bitcoin will show all the relevant articles that contain Bitcoin in the news title. API KEY&qInTitle=Bitcoin

This request will fetch all the related articles that contain the keyword “Bitcoin” in the article’s title.

and similarly you can add further more keywords and would be able to fetch the data containing the keywords in title.

3. qInMeta: Search the news articles from the URL, Meta description, and Title by using this parameter. API KEY&qInMeta=bitcoin

To know more about how the q, qInTitle and qInMeta functions you you check out this blog.

4. Timeframe: Users can specify the articles timeline by adding timeframe parameter. You can set the timeframe between 1 hour to 48 hours and also you can set the timeframe in minutes in which users can search the articles from 1 minute to 2880 minutes.

But users can only use any one of the parameter either enter the timeframe in minutes or in hours. For example timeframe=6, it will show the articles past 6 hours and for retrieving the articles of past 1 hour 30 mins the parameter would be timeframe=90m API KEY&q=bitcoin&timeframe=6

This parameter will fetch all the articles related to query Bitcoin of past 6 hours. Now using the minutes parameter API KEY&q=bitcoin&timeframe=420m

By using this above shown parameter you will get all the relevant articles containing the query bitcoin of past 420 minutes.

5. Country: Search the news articles from a specific country. You can add up to 5 countries in a single query. Check the codes for all the countries here. For example, country=au,jp where au means Australia and jp means Japan API KEY&q=Bitcoin&country=in

This will fetch the articles related to query=bitcoin from the mentioned specific country which is India.
By following the above meter you can customize your search country and query by adding country code mentioned in source page.

6. Language: Search the news articles for a specific language. You can add up to 5 languages in a single query. Check the codes for all the languages here. For example, language=fr,en where fr means French and en means English. API KEY&q=Bitcoin&language=en

This query will fetch only those articles which are in English and to change the language you can check the list accordingly and modify your request.

To fetch articles in different languages you can add language code mentioned in documentation page.

7. Domain: You can search the news articles of specific news domains such as BBC or the New York Times. You can add up to 5 domains in a single query and the example request parameter would be domain=bbc,nytimes. API KEY&q=Solana&domain=invezz

This query would fetch the articles that contain the keyword Solana which is from the Invezz domain only.

Furthermore you can various crypto domain name and it will fetch the data from that particular domain.

8. Domainurl: This parameter will allow users to extract articles from news domains. The example parameter would be,, You can add up to 5 domain URLs. API KEY&q=Solana&

9. Exclude Domain: By this parameter, you can exclude the domains in which you dont want relevant articles. The example parameter would be, API KEY&q=Solana&

This request parameter will fetch all the articles that contain the keyword Solana excluded from the Invezz domain. This would be helpful for those users who dont want the articles of any specific domain for example above mentioned is

10. Domain Priority: Domain priority allows the users to extract news articles on the basis of domain authority of news sources. We have set the priority on 3 different levels which are top, middle, and low.

  • Top: Fetches news articles from the top 10% of the news domains. Request parameter prioritydomain=top API KEY&q=DOGE&prioritydomain=top
  • Medium: Fetches news articles from the top 30% of the news domains. Request parameter prioritydomain=medium API KEY&q=DOGE&prioritydomain=medium
  • Low: Fetches news articles from the top 50% of the news domains. Request parameter prioritydomain=low API KEY&q=DOGE&prioritydomain=low

11. Timezone: You can search the articles on the basis of specific time zones. You can add any specific time zone by checking the time zone here. The request parameter for time zone would be timezone=America/New_york. API KEY&q=Bitcoin&timezone=Asia/Dubai

12. Full Content: By this request parameter users can request a full-content article or without a full-content article. The request parameter of this would be full_content=1 for full content and full_content=0 for which doesn’t contain full-width content.

For Full Content API KEY&q=Solana&full_content=1

Without full content API KEY&q=Solana&full

13. Image: This parameter will allow you to search the articles with or without featured images. To send this request parameter write image=1 to have the articles with images and image=0 for those articles without featured images.

For articles with featured images API KEY&q=Solana&image=1

For articles without featured images API KEY&q=Solana&image=0

14. Video: This parameter would help users to retrieve videos containing articles. To get the articles containing video the request parameter would be video=1 and for those without video articles, the parameter would be video=0.

For articles with video API KEY&q=Ripple&video=1

For articles without video API KEY&q=Ripple&video=0

15. Size: This parameter allows the users to customize the number of articles that they can obtain from one API request. For free users, the max limit is 10, and for paid users, the limit is up to 50 per request. The parameter for this request would be size=25. API KEY&q=DOGE&size=30

This request will fetch 30 articles per request but it is only for paid users because their max limit is up to 50 and for free users they would be require to upgrade their plan to access the crypto endpoint.

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