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best news api

A News API is a tool that allows developers to programmatically extract news and information from various news sources available in the search engine.

It allows individuals to access, scan, extract, and analyze news content, store it on their website, and deliver it to their users, who don’t want to visit each website manually.

A News API is like a helping hand for the developers who want to build their app with news. It saves time and effort and lets them focus on making their app awesome!

Each with strengths and focus areas. There are dozens of News APIs available. Here are some well-regarded and most popular options:


1. is one of the best news APIs that offers live breaking news and historical news from thousand of news sources around the world or you can also search historical news data for the past 5 years.

Purpose: News API  unlocks a global news ocean, millions of articles from everywhere, five years deep allowing for in-depth trend analysis and research. Filter by keywords, country, language, topic, date range etc.


  1. provides tools to analyze news data and export results in Excel or CSV formats for further analysis.
  2. Besides, this News API connects you to millions of articles from over 50,000 global news sources, covering 154 countries and 81 languages. And lets you stay informed with updates, ensuring you’re always on top of breaking stories.
  3. Identify key people, organizations, and locations mentioned in articles, this News API enables you to track specific topics and entities. Also, do sentiment analysis providing insights into social trends and reactions to events. With their advanced tool, you can set a tracker on upcoming events related to your keyword.

Data Coverage:

  1. 50,000+ news sources from around the globe in 154 countries, and 81 languages. And also it has access to over 100 million news articles.
  2. 5 years deep dive into history, and news whispers from the past half-decade.
  3. Pick your choice using keywords, location, language, etc. and always get fresh news updates.

Data Format

  1. JSON: Web-friendly format for developers, perfect for API access. Think of organized chunks of details like source, title, published date, and more.
  2. Excel/CSV: Also News API with spreadsheet buddies for easy analysis. Download and crunch numbers (and words) in familiar formats.


  1. Comprehensive: Their documentation is extensive and covers all aspects of News API use, from getting started to troubleshooting errors.
  2. Endpoints: Each endpoint (Latest News, News Sources, Crypto News, and more) has its dedicated page with detailed explanations, parameters, response formats, and code examples.
  3. Client Library: They have a specific section for Python and PHP developers to integrate API into their applications without having to make HTTP requests directly.
  4. Search function: By this News API you can easily search the documentation for specific keywords or topics.


  1. Comprehensive documentation: Thus News API website, features extensive guides, tutorials, and API references to tackle most issues users encounter.
  2. Email: Users can reach out if they have any queries, issues, or plan-related info or issues related to API via email.
  3. If you still have queries you can schedule a meeting for a quick demo.


  1. Free plan: They provide 6000 API credits per month with limited features and functionality.
  2. Basic: Charge $99.99/month with advance search, 20k News API calls, and 6 months history.
  3. Professional: They charge $199.99/month with the offer of 50k News API calls per month, per year of history, and also give a personal account manager.
  4. Corporate: With the charges of $599.99/month they offer 300k News API calls per month, 2 years of history with priority support.
  5. Custom Plan: They also provide custom requirements. Get unlimited API credits and articles with lots of filters and customization.


News api is one of the popular News APIs, that provides developers with millions of news articles, and it also delivers real-time and historical news.


This News API provides a comprehensive news data warehouse and empowers them to build news-powered applications.


  1. Access millions of articles from 80,000+ sources in 14 languages, giving real-time updates and historical news.
  2. With this News API you can search news by keyword, source, category, language, and sentiment.
  3. Access data beyond text, summaries, images, author info, and sentiment analysis.
  4. Integrate news with structured format JSON/XML and documentation.

Data Coverage:

  1. is a news aggregator News API provides access to news articles from a variety of sources around the world.
  2. This News API covers news from over 55 countries in 14 languages. The United States, Europe, and Asia are the most well-represented regions.
  3. covers a wide range of topics, for example, business, technology, and politics are some of the well-represented topics on the platform.
  4. Additionally, It aggregates news from various platforms, including newspapers, blogs, websites, and social media. At the same time, it updates its data in real-time so you can get the latest news always.

Data Format:

The data format of News API is JSON, a lightweight, texture format usually used for data exchange.


  1. is a simple HTTP REST API for searching and retrieving articles from all over the world.
  2. You can search for articles with a combination of, keywords or phrases, the date published, source domain name, and languages.
  3. With this News API, you can sort the results by, date published, relevancy to search keywords, and popularity of source.


  1. Active community + official support from the News API team. Ask questions and share experiences.
  2. Contact forum: Reach out directly for specific inquiries.
  3. Social media: Twitter updates, and GitHub code samples.


  1. Free Plan: News API offers a free plan with limited features and 3000 requests per month.
  2. Business Plan: Offers $499 per month with access to all features and endpoints, real-time updates, and search articles up to 5 years old, CORS enabled for all origins.
  3. Advanced Plan: $1749/ month, offers 20 million requests per month, News API with all features of the business plan, dedicated account manager, custom API quotas, and early access to new features.


news api is a powerful news API [Application Programming Interface] that focuses on providing developers with tools to analyze and extract real-time news into their applications.


The purpose of this News API is to keep your feed updated with breaking news, track trends, and understand what people think, all to feed you with news.


  1. You can search by any keywords, location, organization, news sources, sentiments, and more.
  2. This News API always gives you breaking news with real-time updates.
  3. Always knows what’s fading and what’s trending in the market.
  4. analyzes news for public sentiments and opinion.
  5. And it is an easy News API for your coding languages.

Data Coverage:

  1. has impressive data coverage and offers access to the ocean of news articles through its News API.
  2. It has over 150,000 news articles worldwide and encompasses major publications and news articles.
  3. has coverage across 164 countries and ensures perspective on global events.
    In fact, this News API supports 60 languages and allows you to access news in various regional and international languages.

Data Format: delivers data in multiple formats, with the developer’s needs and application complexities.

  1. Structured data format Python SDK, Node.JS, and REST API. All are easy to use and digest.
  2. Give summaries, Images, author info, and even sentiment analysis for the curious.
  3. With this News API, you can also choose your format according to your needs.


The documentation of is well-organized and helps developers integrate with API by offering various resources.

  1. There is everything you name endpoints, parameters, FAQs, code samples, and troubleshooting.
  2. You can see data from live-by-test calls with their interactive playground.
  3. You always have new tricks to discover through tutorials, guides, and blogs.


  1. Available through emails and support forums for troubleshooting and inquiries.
  2. A community forum that allows developers to connect, share solutions, and learn from each other.
  3. Moreover, News API with regular updates with guides, tips, and news about API, and its features.


  1. Freebie: 2000 API calls/month, basic search, and non-commercial projects.
  2. Basic ($10): News API with 1,000 calls, summaries, images, author info, and some history – good for everyday news.
  3. Pro ($50): News API with 50,000 calls, sentiment analysis, fancy filters, and deep history – for serious news updates.
  4. Enterprise: Custom plan for big data and needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between,, and 

Launch Year20202017Not available
Basic154 countries, 81 languages, 50,000+ news sources55 countries, 14 languages, 80,000 news sources60+ languages,150,000 worldwide news sources
EndpointsLatest news, crypto news, news archive, news sourcesEverything, top headlines, sources.Not available
No. of Parameters20119
No. Response Object21119
FocusAccess to news data and tool to search and track news dataAccess to news articles from
various sources
AI-driven news analysis and summarization
AI CapabilitiesProvides latest & historical news data from reliable sourcesBasic API for news content retrievalAdvanced AI for content analysis and summarization
SummarizationOffers summarization of news data and more filtersFocuses on delivering news articles via API callsOffers summarization services for news articles
API AvailabilityAccessible via API callsAvailable via API callsNot disclosed
DataProvides news data from popular sourcesAccess to a broad range of news articlesLimited information on available data
CustomizationA lot of customization options are availableLimited customization options
via API
Offers AI-driven customization for summaries
Data AnalyticsFocuses on reliable news data content and toolsPrimarily a news content aggregatorFocuses on AI-based analysis and summaries

While focuses on AI-driven news analysis and summarization, primarily provides access to news articles from various sources via API calls., on the other hand, focuses more on providing news data analytics tools and access to news data for analysis rather than summarization services.

Strengths and weaknesses:

Offers news data analytics and toolsProvides access to a broad range of news sourcesAdvanced AI for content analysis and summarization
Tools to search, track, and extract news articlesSimple API integration for news content retrievalAI-driven customization for summaries
Easy to integrate and user friendly interfaceEase of access via API callsOffer summarization services for news articles
WeaknessesRelatively newer platformLimited customization options via APILimited information on available data
Limited article on per requestDependency on external news sourcesNot much public information on capabilities
May have fewer integrations initiallyMay lack control over specific data retrievalPotential limitations in coverage or accuracy

Each API (,, and has unique features and capabilities that make them suitable for various scenarios:


  • Scenario: Research and Analysis
  • Usage: This News API is ideal for academic or research-based projects, AI-driven content analysis, summarization, or sentiment analysis. It’s beneficial for applications needing concise and insightful summaries of news articles.


  • Scenario: Quick Integration and Basic Access
  • Usage: This News API is well-suited for developers looking to integrate news content into their applications swiftly. It’s useful for projects where accessing a wide range of news sources without in-depth analysis or customization is sufficient.


  • Scenario: Data Analytics and Insights
  • Usage: News API is best suited for users requiring comprehensive news data analytics and tools for in-depth analysis. It’s beneficial for researchers, developers, businesses, journalists, or analysts needing historical data, sentiment analysis, or trends for strategic decision-making.


1. News API (

    • Comprehensive coverage: Access over 80,000 news sources in over 14 languages.
    • Historical and real-time data: Retrieve both current headlines and news archives.
    • Search by keyword, source, category, language, and country.
    • Free plan for up to 3000 requests per month.

2. News API (

    • Real-time focus: Get breaking news as it happens.
    • Trend analysis: Track trending topics and keywords.
    • Sentiment analysis: Understand the tone of the articles.
    • Customizable AI models: Tailor news feeds to specific needs.

3. News API (

    • Diverse data: Includes summaries, images, and author information.
    • Multiple formats: JSON, XML, RSS, and HTML.
    • Search by keyword, topic, location, and source.
    • Free plan with up to 6000 API calls per month.


1. How can I get support or assistance for using

  • Documentation: Check the documentation and code examples offered by them.
  • Contact Form: Fill out the form for general inquiries
  • Community Forum: Ask questions and get help from other users

2. How can I integrate NewsAPI into my website or application?

  • Sign up and get the API key.
  • Choose a code method (direct requests, library).
  • Read API docs – understand parameters, responses, and limits.
  • craft requests with keywords, sources, etc.
  • Get data from JSON responses.
  • Integrate data into your site/app.
  • Test, refine, and follow terms.

3. Are,, and free to  use?

Yes, they offer a free plan for development but with limits. Using free news APIs may have some restrictions such as API request limitation, basic search and filtering options, and more. 

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