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web scraping

Web Scraping or Web Data Extraction is the process of extracting data from websites on a large scale. Data Scraping allows us to extract structured data in a spreadsheet or a database from an unstructured data of HTML format with the help of intelligence automation methods.

In this article, we will be learning about what exactly web scraping tools are, why we use them and the list of 21 Best web scraping tools in 2024.

Why Do We Use Online Web Scraping Tools?

Scraping tools are specially developed software to extract data from websites. If you are trying to collect information or data from the web, you will need scraping tools because extraction of data on a large scale cannot be done manually.

Data Extraction or Web Scraping can be used for different purposes accordingly.

  • Price Monitoring
  • Market Research
  • News And Content Monitoring
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Email Marketing
  • Alternative Data For Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Business Automation
  • Map Monitoring ( Minimum Advertised Price )

What Are The Best Python Web Scraping Tools? 

1. is a News API , also the best python web scraping tool to extract news data from the web. They offer a huge amount of news data that we can access in its news API. They provide data from over 50,000 news sources for live breaking news, historical news, top headlines, trends using API and you can collect the data in JSON or Excel Formats.

Features of

  • Live Breaking News API – Get access to our API for live-breaking news and headlines from reputed global news sources when they are published online.
  • Historical News – Search existing news sources, headlines, and topics from a database of over 50,000+ news sources archived in the past 5 years.
  • News Analysis – Transform massive amounts of historical and real-time news data from global news sources into game-changing insights.
  • Crypto News – Get crypto-related news from reliable sources and currently NewsData is developing its own app known as Cryptoreach.

2. Scrapingbee 

Scrapingbee is a python web scraping tool that provides a dedicated API for Google search scraping. It handles headless browsers and rotates proxies for you.

Features of Scrapingbee: 

  • Render your web page as if it were a real browser
  • Javascript Rendering
  • Rotating Proxies
  • Support Google search API

3. Bright Data

Bright Data is the World’s #1 Web Data platform. It is a great python web scraping tool and a cost effective way that provides the structured data converted from unstructured public web data to its customers. Bright Data’s next-gen Data Collector provides companies with an automated online data collection in one dashboard. It also allows you to collect public web data From data collection infrastructure to ready-made datasets.

Features of Bright Data: 

  • Most reliable – Highest quality data, best network uptime, fastest output
  • Most flexible – Unlimited scale and customizing possibilities
  • Fully compliant – Transparent and enterprise-friendly infrastructure
  • Most efficient – Minimum in-house resources needed

4. Scraping-bot 

Scraping-bot is a great tool to extract structured data from a URL without getting blocked.

Features of Scraping-bot: 

  • Easy to Integrate – Integrate the API quickly and increase your data collection efficiency easily
  • JavaScript Rendering – Scraping with headless browsers from websites in AngularJS, Ajax, JS, React JS and more.
  • Handles proxies and Browsers – Get the HTML from any page easily
  • Affordable – Get started with 100 credits for free per month, and adopt it with a clear and affordable price plan.

5. Scraper API 

Scraper API is an effective tool to get HTML from any web page and it also helps you in managing proxy, browser, and CAPTCHA.

Features of Scraper API:

  • Javascript Rendering
  • IP Geo Targeting
  • Residential Proxies
  • Custom Headers
  • Custom Sessions
  • JSON Auto Parsing

6. Scrapestack 

Scrapestack can scrape Web Pages Worldwide in Milliseconds. It also handles Millions of Proxy IPs, Browsers & CAPTCHAs.

Features of Scrapestack: 

  • Millions of Proxies & IPs
  • 100+ Global Locations
  • Rock-Solid Infrastructure
  • Free & Premium Options

7. Apify 

Apify is able to do web scraping, data extraction, and web RPA. Its Apify store has some ready-made tools for websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps.

Features of Apify: 

  • Web scraping
  • Web integration and automation
  • Free trial
  • Apify Proxy

8. Agenty 

Agenty is a Cloud-based web automation tool for Data Extraction, Browser automation, Text extraction, OCR, Change detection and Sentiment analysis.

Features of Agenty:

  • Built to Scale
  • Integrations
  • Email Alerts
  • Historical Data
  • Scheduling
  • Logs
  • Distributed Architecture
  • Advance Scripting

9. is a platform that allows you to export the extracted data to CSV from semi-structured information in web pages which can be used for anything from driving business decisions to integration with apps and other platforms.

Features of  

  • The highest quality, for accurate insights
  • Reliable data delivered at enterprise scale
  • The industry-leading eCommerce data provider
  • Easy interaction with web forms/logins

10. Outwit 

Outwit is a great platform with inbuilts features as well as sophisticated scraping functions and data structure recognition.

Features of Outwit: 

  • You don’t need the programming skills to extract data from sites using outwit.
  • With the built-in contact extractor, grab contact info from Web sources.
  • Explore SERPs huge lists of links or complete websites to find images, media, pdf files, Excel spreadsheets and download them to your hard disk or server.
  • Explore the depths of unindexed Internet resources, log in to your restricted services and databases or do your own big data extractions for educational research, journalistic investigation, business intelligence.

11. converts the unstructured web into structured, JSON or XML formats.

Features of

  • High-Res Structured Data – translates the unstructured web into structured, digestible JSON or XML formats machines can actually make sense of.
  • Ready-to-Consume Repositories – All the data, all on demand. With data already stored in repositories, machines start consuming straight away and easily access live and historical data.
  • Grab-and-Go API – plugs right into your platform and feeds it a steady stream of machine-readable data. It’s as easy as the RESTful API.

12. Dexi intelligent allows you to scrape data from any website. It also enables businesses to extract and transform data from any web source.

Features of Dexi intelligent:

  • Monitor stock and price on any number of SKU/ Products
  • Connect the data to live dashboards and advanced product analytics
  • Prepare and rinse web data structured and ready-to-use product information
  • Delta reports for highlighting changes in the markets
  • Professional services including QA and ongoing maintenance

13. Parse hub 

Parse hub allows you to extract any data you need for free. You can also download the scraped data in any format for analysis.

Features of Parse hub:

  • Cloud-based
  • IP Rotation
  • Scheduled Collection
  • Regular Expressions
  • API & Web-hooks
  • JSON & Excel

14. Diffbot 

Diffbot is a tool to extract structured data from any url. Also, you can scrape various types of useful data from the web.

Features of Diffbot:

  • Knowledge Graph: accurate data feeds of news, organizations, and people.
  • Natural Language: Infer entities, relationships, and sentiment from raw text.
  • Extract: Analyze articles, products, discussions, and more without any rules.
  • Crawl: Turn any site into a structured database of products, articles and discussions in minutes.

15. Fminer 

FMiner is a tool for web scraping, web data extraction, screen scraping, web harvesting, web crawling and web macro support for Windows and Mac OS.

Features of Fminer: 

  • Visual design tool
  • No coding required
  • Advanced features
  • Multiple Crawl Path Navigation Options
  • Keyword Input Lists
  • Nested Data Elements
  • Multi-Threaded Crawl
  • Export Formats
  • CAPTCHA Tests

16. Data streamer 

Data streamer allows you to detect threats, the intentions of buyers and understands customer sentiments. Using data streamer, you can fetch social media content as per your needs.

 Features of Data streamer: 

  • Integrated full-text search
  • Integrated content extraction and  boilerplate removal
  • high availability of data
  • Easy to use

17. Sequentum  

Sequentum is one of the best tools for web data extraction, document management and intelligent process automation (IPA).

Features of Sequentum: 

  • with the respective web API, you can build web apps to execute web data directly from your website.
  • Fast service while extracting the data.

18. Data miner chrome extension 

Data Chrome Extension allows you to crawl as well as scrape data into CSV files or Excel spreadsheets.

Features of Data miner chrome extension: 

  • Streamlined workflow
  • No coding Required
  • Safe and Secure to use
  • One Click Scraping
  • Custom Scraping
  • Automate Scrapes
  • Pagination
  • Form Filling Automation

19. Mozenda

Mozenda is a great tool to organize and prepare data files that are for publishing. It also helps you in extracting text, images and PDF content from the web.

Features of Mozenda: 

  • Identify, Build & Collect
  • Structure, Organize & Publish
  • Analyze, Visualize & Decide
  • Data Integration

20. ScrapeHero Cloud

With ScrapeHero Cloud, you are able to download any information from the web into spreadsheets. Ready-made web crawlers and real-time APIs help you in downloading anything with a few clicks only.

Features of ScrapeHero Cloud: 

  • Easy to Use Crawlers: Scrape Product data from Amazon, Scrape Google Maps for Local Business information, Scrape Tweets, Scrape Product Reviews and Ratings from Amazon, Scrape Google Reviews and Ratings, Scrape Walmart Product Details and Pricing, Scrape Product Data from Amazon Search Results & Categories and Scrape Amazon Best Sellers List.
  • Real-Time APIs

21. WebHarvy

With WebHarvy you can scrape Text, HTML, Images, URLs and Email from any website as per your request. In addition, WebHarvy allows you to save the scraped data in your desired format.

Features of WebHarvy: 

  • Easy Web Scraping
  • Intelligent Pattern Detection
  • Save to File or Database
  • Handle Pagination
  • Submit Keywords
  • Safeguard Privacy
  • Category Scraping
  • Regular Expressions
  • JavaScript Support
  • Image Scraping
  • Automate browser tasks
  • Technical Assistance

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