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Businesses can advertise on Twitter to over 450 million active users. It is one of the best platforms to promote your company and flourish. Building a fan base takes a lot of effort and strategic planning for many companies and businesses. However, it will become increasingly difficult to track the increase in your Twitter following over time.

When it comes to followers, Twitter’s native analytics provides a wealth of information. Only the number of new followers you add on Twitter is reported. This, however, is insufficient to grasp the ebbs and flows of your Twitter following. As a result, it is difficult to determine which marketing strategies work, which tweets have the greatest impact, or why you are gaining or losing followers.

Keeping tabs on the growth of your Twitter following is critical to ensuring that you are properly managing your audience. We’ll go through how to keep tabs on the growth of your Twitter following in this article. Let’s jump right in.

Why Track Your Twitter Follower Growth Over Time?

Twitter follower growth is an important metric to measure the success of your content strategy. Your Twitter following is diminishing if your strategy isn’t effective and vice-versa. Through this metric, you can identify which strategies are effective and make sure you don’t repeat your mistakes. Then use it to grow your brand’s social media presence and authority.

You can also track industry leaders and competitors to learn about their social media techniques and use them to help your company rise to new heights.

Additionally, your level of engagement could remain the same, regardless of the number of individuals who are following you. Social media platforms are riddled with inactive, fake, and bot accounts and Twitter is no exception. In your list of followers, you may see these accounts that never engage. You can examine how this changes your engagement stats and identify fake Twitter followers.

Benefits of Tracking Twitter Followers

Here are some benefits of tracking Twitter followers

Analyze and enhance your content

It’s possible that a person has unfollowed or refused to follow you because of the stuff that you share. Take a look at the tweets you posted at the time when your following growth slowed down. It will assist you to improve the quality of the information you post to keep your followers engaged and bring in new ones.

Examine the quality of your followers

You can tell a lot about the quality of your Twitter following just by looking at the people you follow. Twitter, for example, allows you to figure out which of your Twitter followers are more inclined to follow or engage with your profile. Finally, you will be able to tell the difference between a legitimate following count and a fraudulent one.

Find resonating content

Connect your followers’ development and fall to the content you’ve shared. Knowing what your audience likes will help you better customize your material to their needs. Analyzing the most popular tweets and media might also be a viable alternative. Publications such as videos, blogs, and news items can all be used as engagement tools. Effective ways to create engaging content for your audience are to make a video online, polls, and quizzes, which can be easily shared and enjoyed by your followers. Keep your audience coming back for more by creating and posting material that they enjoy.

Identify effective marketing strategies

Tracking how many new followers you get or lose can help you determine the success of your marketing initiatives and strategy. If the follower growth rate is poor, the deployed techniques are ineffectual at attracting or retaining users. However, if the performance indicators are high, the techniques are beneficial and should be used in the future to increase your following.

Analyze and identify influencers

Using influencers to promote your business is one of the most efficient paid marketing tactics for increasing brand recognition and sales. You may see which of your Twitter followers has a sizable fan base by using the “track Twitter followers” option. It’s important to remember, however, that not every influencer that interacts with your brand can assist you in this endeavor. Also, be on the lookout for “false influencers” that fool firms into paying them for influencer marketing arrangements. If you are looking for engagement or brand exposure or conversions, you won’t get them from these accounts, because they don’t have a real fan following.

Follow the growth of influencers’ Twitter followings, analyze their fan base, and determine their level of influence in your industry before making an offer to one of them. The appropriate influencer can help you increase your brand’s visibility, public perception, and conversions.

Track Twitter Followers Growth Over Time with FollowerAudit

While Twitter Analytics does offer insights about your Twitter followers growth, the insights are quite limited. Furthermore, the increasing number of fake accounts and automated bots is something that you should always be on the lookout for.


track Twitter followers growth over time

You can use FollowerAudit to monitor the number of any public Twitter account’s followers in real-time. Fake and inactive Twitter followers are also able to be identified with this tool. It also keeps track of the number of followers, making it simpler to spot influential people. If you want to partner with the proper influencer, you can conduct additional research on their fan base.

Key features of FollowerAudit:

  • Track Twitter followers growth over-time
  • Perform a fake follower audit
  • Analyze Twitter followers
  • Compare Twitter followers
  • Track unfollows
  • Identify influencers

The basic monthly premium plan starts at $29.99.

Closing Thoughts

Tracking your Twitter follower numbers is an important first step in establishing a strategy to boost your follower count and social media visibility. Using third-party solutions to measure Twitter follower growth can help you better understand your audience and craft tailored marketing campaigns. As a result, it will help you become noticed by your target demographic and expand your brand.

Here's How to Track Twitter Followers Growth Over Time?
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Here's How to Track Twitter Followers Growth Over Time?
Here's How to Track Twitter Followers Growth Over Time?
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