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While users are satisfied with the latest news, businesses often need news from multiple sources and time durations to analyze what is said about their brand. The best way to do so is with a news API that can help you track all relevant new sources mentioning your brand or business.

Time to analyze News API

When you visit any news API’s site, you should consider four basic key criteria: 

  • API Features: Provides access to real-time news sources and historical news archives. Use various filters such as location, language, publishers, and more to track relevant news articles related to your business, brand, or product. 
  • Price: Before you jump to buy any of the news API, you must examine their cost of implementation along with the unique features they have to offer.
  • Data Format: Most news APIs provide data in JSON or XML format. Some of the APIs use the HTML format as well. 
  • Easy to use: You should always look up to APIs that are user-friendly and easy to integrate. 

Before we move ahead, let’s get familiar with the term API and what exactly it does? So you get a clear idea of further discussion. 

What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface provides a platform where two sites or software services can interact and exchange information. For example, if you need to make an account on a website using Instagram, then it will extract your details with the help of the Instagram API. Next, the back-end team of that website utilizes your details and creates your account on it.

Similarly, news APIs can connect between online news sources and applications. They help you in different ways when you:

  • Create coverage reports automatically for your clients
  • Utilize news stories in the form of a data source to be used in advanced AI apps
  • Predict the results of elections

Now let’s quickly gear up to get some of the top news APIs that you can use to extract data and build your products.

1. API provides real-time access to blog articles, live news headlines from across 88 countries. Gathers data from over 50,000 news sources to search for top headlines, trends, breaking news, and historical news data. Delivers data in JSON format. It also offers various text analysis models that you can use to analyze the tracked news data such as:

  • Sentiment Analysis 
  • Entity Detection 
  • Emotion Analysis 
  • Topic labeling 
  • Semantic Similarity
  • Intent Detection

You can test the functionality of the tool with the free plan that includes 500 API calls per day and fetches up to 10 articles per request. For commercial purposes, you can get a paid plan that includes 300,000 API calls and fetches up to 50 articles per request.

2. News API

news api

News API is a great option for a simple and lightweight newsgathering API. It shares relevant metadata articles and headlines from across the world. For free plans, you can get 500 requests per day. Whereas the paid plan offers 250,000 requests per month and email support. 

3. Mediastack

mediastack Mediastack is a simple, easy to use, and lightweight news data source available in JSON format. Its API has an easy method that provides you to customize the news and add it to your website or application. It allows 500 calls per month for free. Another option is a paid plan, where you can take up to 10,000 calls per month.  

4. New York Times

New York Times news New York Times Search API provides article information such as byline, headline, multimedia, print page, snippet, web URL, person, and word count. It’s available in JSON format. Also, offers for non-commercial use only and limited to 1,000 calls per day.

5. Contextual Web

contextual news Contextual Web provides news feeds, posts, articles, and blogs on the topic of your choice. They are concerned for your privacy, hence they have tight protection security where nobody can avail your search history or data. You should try their free plan that allows you to make 10,000 requests per month. You can also go for paid plans that include 1000 requests.

6. news shares the latest and comprehensive news coverage, news articles from across the world. The data is available in the form of XML and JSON formats. It also allows you to access news from an archive of 25TB of historical data.

7. Hackernews 

hackernews Hackernews is a social site that focuses on entrepreneurship and computer science news stories. It runs on the Y combinator. You can access Firebase easily from iOS, Android, and the web. 

8. Bloomberg API

bloomberg news Bloomberg API shows in the form of XML, HTML, JSON formats. This site provides you with business news, financial information, and market analysis. Its API is offered for free. Just in case, if there’s an extensive or commercial use, you’ll need to contact Bloomberg for pricing based on each use case.

9. Bing News API 

microsoft news Bing News is a Microsoft-owned news service that displays the most recent news stories on your mobile and web. It delivers the tracked news articles in JSON format. Bing news also offers its API for a 7-day guest account trial.

10. Breaking News API 

 breaking news Breaking News API deals in the latest business news and financial news collected from all over the world. Its API is free of cost, delivering data in the form of the JSON format.

11. Vegan News API 

vegan news Vegan News API gathers information on current vegan relevant news from across the world. The news data is available in JSON format. If you make less than 200 requests per day, you don’t have to pay for this API. For more extended usage, you can go for any of its paid plans.


That’s our list of the top 11 global news APIs. Choose an API that best suits your requirements and start tracking what’s being said about you or your business. Just make sure that you evaluate all the features of each news API before making your decision. We hope you’ll find an API that works best for you and provides all the news articles you need.

The Top 11 Global News APIs
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The Top 11 Global News APIs
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