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newscatcher vs newsdata

There are several uses and importance of News APIs in today’s fast-paced world. It is really helpful for businesses and organizations to have market insight and competitor analysis which would help them to get an edge over others.

The benefits of News API are not just limited to gathering news efficiently but also serve a lot of other benefits such as staying updated with trends, market analysis, and risk intelligence. and NewsCatcher API are two of the most popular and trending news APIs available in the market. They both have extensive features and could be considered the best alternative for Google News API.

Moreover, they also share almost the same service with users but have different uses and applicability which might be different and becomes a choosy factor between these two.

So in this article, we will exclusively discuss these two news APIs and compare their features, uses, and what are extensive services that they offer.

Brief Comparison Between and NewsCatcher

Features of

In terms of service, I would say both offer advanced and stacked features. So starting with

  • offers 81 languages and covers 154+ countries.
  • Considered the best alternative for Google News API.
  • With over 31756+ news sources and over 1,00,000 articles tracked daily.
  • Users can also request up to 5 years of historical data making it convenient and best for research and scholars.
  • Not only that also allows users to filter the data up to 12 different categories sports, science, politics, etc.

Features of NewsCatcher:

  • Unlike NewsCatcher also provides historical data for up to 5 years.
  • With over 70,000 news sources which cover up to 100+ countries and 50+ languages.
  • NewsCatcher also gives users an AI summary which helps them to sum up the article.

By comparing these features we cannot derive the conclusion of which news API is better but there are extensive and exclusive APIs that only provides. Which is:

These exclusive APIs allow users to fetch more data and would be very helpful for investors who want to keep track of the market and stay updated with upcoming trends.

Moreover, offers better pricing options that anyone can afford and also has no coding API through which even those users can use News API who don’t have any prior coding knowledge. offers a 100% discount for researchers and scholars who want to extract news data for their research purposes, and also provides dedicated customer service to our users.

You can even check out the free trial option that provides in which users can request up to 200 API credits per day and credit would retrieve 10 articles.

But there are certain things that NewsCatcher has such as AI summary, Sentiment score, and journalist information to identify the background of journalists and avoid biased reports.

However, the sentiment features are about to be integrated into their API which will allow users to know the positive, negative, or neutral sentiments behind the news.


Although, both the news APIs offer better service and features to users they both are the upcoming and soon-to-be top News APIs. The purpose of this article is to make users aware so they can choose API according to their needs and make their unbiased opinions.

You can visit the respective website check the free trial and choose your news API to get an edge over others and have better, noise-free, and reliable data irrespective of your field Whether you are a researcher, organization, or business firm there are are a lot of uses and significance of News API.

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