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supply chain risk management

Supply chain is a crucial aspect of any business but it tends to be seen only when it fails or breaks. Businesses may collapse due to the disruptions of it. In other words the consequences of supply chain failures can be devastating such as lost revenues, lost reputation and lost relationships.

Before diving deeper into the subject of supply chain and how supply it can be get manage, we must first understand the meaning of supply chain.

What is supply chain?

It can be define as the network or system within an organization that is responsible for distributing a specific product or service to its customers.

Companies and organizations develop supply chains to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. It also represents all the steps how a product or service gets done that includes different activities, people, entities, information, and resources.

What is supply chain risk and supply chain management?

Supply chain risk is the harm or unwanted risk that may include exposures, threats, and vulnerabilities throughout the process.

Supply chain management can be explain as the handling of the flow of goods and service that includes all the processes from designing, planning, executing, controlling to monitoring the supply-chain activities with the objective of achieving net value and improving the current situation of an organization.

What is and how can help in the management of supply chain risk?

An organization can have hundreds of suppliers or even more that completes its supply chain and the amount of suppliers may seem overwhelming when one has to monitor the complete process of it.

Unfortunately, identifying risk and monitoring the supply chain of dozens of organizations can be extremely difficult to do manually. Organizations with high supply chain risk are a subject of interest to news media, as a result we can effectively use this infrastructure to keep us informed.

The Internet has data of hundreds of thousands of publications, blogs, court reports, filings, and so on.

To access news and events of any organization or individual without a requirement of human intervention, we need a tool or a platform, and this, essentially, is what News API  is for.

We have which provides a news API to fetch news data from all over the world.

news api is a News API and a great tool to extract news data of any organization from the web. They offer a huge amount of news data that we can access in its news API.

They provide data from the past 5 years of historical and archived news data from a database of 40,000+ News sources and you can collect the data in JSON or Excel Formats.

In other words, provides organizations (both specialist vendors and direct to businesses) data to monitor the global media to identify relevant news items as per your needs, as a result, you will be able to alert your organization when something specific needs attention.

The products offers

  • Live Breaking News API – you can Get access to API for live-breaking news and headlines from reputed global news sources when they are published online. API allows you to apply multiple filters to narrow down your desired results.
  • Historical News API – Historical News API provides you with data from over 40,000+ News sources archived in the past 5 years from 156 countries. You can find existing news, Headlines, Topics, or Keywords in its API.
  • News Analysis – News Analysis allows you to transform massive amounts of historical and real-time news data from global news sources into game-changing insights
  • Google News API – Google News API can be the best alternative for Google News API because of its advanced functionalities.

I would suggest you visit website where you can find news data from all over the world. provides a free plan to clear doubts and better experience.

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