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You might be wondering that organizations and brands only need real-time news data. However, that’s not true. Storing historical data from past years in the database counts equally for any news API. Your business may want to track news data over a certain period of time to trace patterns and extract insights. Historical data can be of significant value as based on these findings you can make informed decisions for your future course of action. But obtaining past news feeds is not easy for every user unless you have the required technical expertise. Such users can use a third-party news data provider.

News APIs trace news articles, blogs, newsletters, and forums from the web in a large volume of the database of historic data. News APIs also provide advanced query filters that help businesses extract specific news data along with an in depth analysis. You can categorize a piece based on prime keywords, organization name, or publication date, author name, and even specific publications. For example, you can extract news articles with the keyword “Social” from historical news sources. In such situations, you might want to use the service of a news API that provides in-built scraping, parsing, and structuring of news data. As news data providers build news archives of historical data, you can extract news sources specific to any time period. 

Benefits of historical data in news APIs

Almost all organizations and brands look up to past data for various objectives. Let’s get to know how it helps businesses in taking internal decisions. For instance, financial groups collect historical data to determine trends in the stock market. Organizations dealing in media and web monitoring services assemble past data to analyze market trends, come up with product ideas and updates. It can help you make data-driven decisions and assist in overcoming your competitors. Besides, market research firms study various brands and their competitors and assemble past news data to identify patterns and obtain valuable insights.

Researchers along with enterprises level companies use past data to develop advanced algorithms based on machine learning and NLP technology. It helps them build advanced news tracking and analysis models that can trace exact news with accuracy. Also process them faster than human cognitive ability for reporting.

Leading news APIs in the market today

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Businesses are expanding each and every day in the market. With the hope of progressing, various news APIs have been made available to achieve comprehensive targets. For a better analysis, let’s take Bloomberg news API and New York Times news API. Both are top publishing news APIs providing high-end news data from trusted sources. Each of the news APIs has historical data archives of their own. An interesting fact, the New York Times news API historical data collection goes back to 1851. Another point to look out for is that they’ve limited sources available on their own site. Zyte is a suitable example of a news API that offers self-reliant web data services to its users that can be of value. When you want to reach for small datasets or extract certain information. The trouble appears once your organization anticipates to scale the data.

Among most of the news APIs, some of them provide search engine results such as SerpWOW that contain coverage from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. Although these search engines are reliant on their own search algorithms. Besides fail to offer appropriate news data as per an entity’s specified requirements. Here the search algorithm is based on the results that will be ranked on the top. Leaving the suitable news data that might have covered the latest or niche sites.

Try your desired news API today 

You may want a news API that provides you with effective and efficient search results for historical data. With you can go back up to the past 2 years of archived data, and we make sure that it is frequently updated. Our advanced search filter allows your organizations, brands, and researchers to query for exact news data extraction from categories such as language, country, topic, and more. We provide our users with machine-readable, easy-to-understand, high-end data quality in XML or JSON format. This way you can smoothly work on data analysis to create advanced algorithm patterns instead of data preparation without wasting any time and resources.

Ready to select a news API?

Make sure you read all the main points and information that can cover you to get better search results. All these details should give you clarity on how your desired news API can be effective in terms of your organization’s data analysis. How much improvement you can figure out in getting valuable insights. You can also find out if your organization wants a news API that provides basic requirements or to opt for modified NLP and machine learning techniques. If you are at the initial stage or are confused about choosing a news API for yourself. I recommend you to visit a few news APIs and try using them until you get one that matches your requirements. 

Another thing to be noted is that if your organization can’t commit to a long-term project then you should be looking for a news API that offers flexible pricing plans.

During your trial period, you should check each and every product’s technical documentation to find out how easy it is for you to work along. Documentation should always be user-friendly so that you don’t find it complicated to apply it to your project. Isn’t it a fact? 

You should observe how responsible the technical team is while you’ve certain queries and concerns to make. You should not forget this point as the technical support team has the most crucial role at the backend of any news API. I think I’ve covered almost all the necessary information that I feel could be useful for you in this article. I hope this encourages you to cross-check the features and pricing of all available options, and I expect whichever news API you choose meets your requirements. See you next time!

How can archived web data from News API benefit organizations?
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How can archived web data from News API benefit organizations?
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