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Twitter is unparalleled in its speed and dependability in disseminating information. Also, it’s a popular place for people to air their views. That’s why institutions of higher learning, scientific communities, and corporations can all gain from mining Twitter for insights. Twitter’s searchable archive makes it simple to find and read tweets from the past, which is helpful for a number of different reasons.

Finding specific tweets, though, could be a pain. If you would like to see only your previous tweets, you can request this. To find older tweets that use a specific hashtag, @mention, or account other than your own, you’ll need some technical know-how.

We’ll investigate options for saving older tweets that include a search keyword, account name, or other identifiers. It’s high time we got going at this point.

Is it possible to download old tweets?

Twitter archives the tweets of users on its platform. As soon as you create a Twitter account, the service will start monitoring your every move. The Native Twitter analytics dashboard compiles this information for you and presents it in metric form. But if you want the tweets as well as the data, you may download your whole Twitter history.

Here are the fundamental steps to getting your tweets onto your computer:

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account at

Step 2. Go to the list of options on the left.

Step 3.  Next go to the More menu, then to Settings and Support, followed by Settings and Privacy

Step 4. Then, select the option to “Download an archive of your data” under “Your Account.”

Step 5. Type in your password to confirm your identity.

Following these steps, Twitter will begin archiving your previous tweets and send a download link to the address you provided during registration. Tweets from the past can be extracted and analyzed for performance analysis across many time periods.

Search the Tweet Archive of Other Users

You can browse the tweets of other accounts using the search function, but you can’t really download them from Twitter. I’ll explain it to you in simple terms.

Twitter Advanced Search

You can refine your Twitter search results by making use of the more in-depth options available. You can search tweets from any public account, during any time period you specify.

search old tweets of other accounts

Here are the tweet filtering options:

  • Words: Search keywords, phrases, or hashtags
  • Accounts: Type in the username(s) of the Twitter accounts you wish to search, such as the account(s) from which the tweets originated, the account(s) to which they were replied, and any other accounts mentioned in the tweets.
  • Replies: You can choose to view only replies or the original tweets while searching.
  • Links: Tweets that include a link can be tracked down on their own.
  • Engagement: The success of a tweet is measured by the amount of interaction it receives; for example, how many replies, likes, and retweets it receives.
  • Date: Be specific about the time span you want to look through.

Download Old Tweets Published by Other Twitter Accounts

On Twitter, you can view stats and information about your own tweets, but not those of other users. The ability to directly download older tweets from is now unavailable.

This information can be obtained via the Twitter API. However, you will need some knowledge of programming in order to use the Twitter API to access older tweets. Using an external analytics service like FollowersAnalysis may be necessary if you don’t know how to get around this limitation.


FollowersAnalysis to download old tweets

If you want to analyze the tweets of any public account on Twitter, you can do it with the help of a third-party app like FollowersAnalysis. After a search is conducted for a specific term, account, or hashtag, the results can be saved in the form of individual Tweets.

Get the latest 3,200 tweets right here!

Access any public Twitter account’s last 3200 tweets. Tweets and retweets are mined for data. You can download an Excel/Comma-Separated Values file containing every tweet saved so far. In addition to the tweets themselves, you will also have access to a detailed report analyzing them, complete with metrics that will shed light on the tweets’ effectiveness. A PDF report with tweet data and analysis can be purchased for $29.

Old tweets can be downloaded in their entirety

Every public Twitter account, hashtag, phrase, and @mention can have its entire tweet history retrieved. Tweet archives are available for download in both Excel/CSV and JSON formats. As the cost of information increases proportionally with its quantity of use, it is important to plan accordingly. Pricing for the report’s analysis in PDF format varies.

Access Twitter Archives with FollowersAnalysis

  1. The first step is to visit and select the Old Tweets option from the drop-down menu.
  2. To help us serve you better, please complete the form that appears once you click the Request data button.
  3. Third, a FollowersAnalysis team member will respond to your request with additional details regarding the data and the fee.

The advantages of downloading old tweets and analyzing them

download old tweets

Here are some of the most important tweets that you should absolutely retrieve and analyze.

Find more engaging content ideas

Even for seasoned marketers, it can be challenging to create content that resonates with a specific target audience. Maintaining a loyal following requires constant production of interesting new material. However, by reviewing your past tweets, you can gain insight into the topics that are most important to your followers. These findings can be used to guide the development of content that is more likely to attract and retain your ideal customers.

Look at how the crowd reacts

Businesses place a premium on customer satisfaction surveys, but positive responses are becoming increasingly rare. If negative comments and tweets about your brand gain traction online, it can have a devastating effect on your bottom line. It’s best to catch them early and engage them before the issue goes viral to avoid unwarranted scrutiny for your company.

On the other hand, positive comments from customers can be a gold mine of useful information for making enhancements to a service or product. Discovering your service weak spots will allow you to better meet your customers’ needs.

Keep tabs on your competitors

In the same way that you should monitor your own tweets and performance, you should also monitor those of your competitors. It’s possible that you’ll get a lot of ideas for developing your own brand by observing the content and promotional strategies of your competitors. In order to succeed in business, you may want to study the mistakes made by rivals.

Determine the most influential people’s opinions

These days, the best way to increase one’s audience size and conversion rates is to employ famous people. Many businesses now allocate resources to influencer promotion. Because not all influencers have the same amount of followers, picking the ideal one to represent your brand can be challenging. The influencer should also be someone who is both active in the area and highly sought after by your target clientele.

Find knowledgeable brand advocates by looking through your brand’s Twitter archive. Perusing their tweets might provide you with information on how determined and engaging a person they are. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to hiring a powerful brand supporter who can improve your company’s online profile.

Examine results and make adjustments as needed

Finally, make sure you’re always monitoring the response to your tweets to gauge their success. Utilize this information to reflect on your performance and make modifications for the future. Successfully turning your target group into loyal customers requires a continuous effort on the part of your marketing team.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is the social media platform where people feel most at ease expressing their innermost ideas and emotions to the world. Insightful information can be mined from Twitter thanks to the massive volume of tweets and diverse range of topics discussed. Nonetheless, if you lack the required means, collecting these tweets can be a significant hassle.

FollowersAnalysis makes it simple to download Tweet archives for in-depth research. Effective advertising strategies frequently make use of insights acquired from in-depth investigations.

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