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In today’s time, it’s certain of the central paradox that goes with having a bunch of news, yet we never fail to miss the valuable information. More clearly, due to news articles, publications, blogs, opinions posted on the internet everyday, it has become more accurate to find relevant insights. Thus, a news API can be integrated to your solution.

However, because of excessive news articles that create a ‘wall of noise’ for the organizations to extract useful insights and take effective decision making.

Although, manually focusing and assessing the news is a time-consuming task. There’s no reason left to say that any organization would still follow the traditional approach. 

Therefore, your organization needs an NLP enriched news API that can deliver comprehensive news coverage in real-time. In fact, a customized news API can provide your organization with relevant information related to your industry.

For example, Google News API provides curated news stories based on what a customer is looking for. 

Nevertheless, all news APIs are not built equally. Let’s look ahead to the attributes we require in a news API that would give efficient search results. Before we start, we should get to know why a news API is required?

What is a News API for?

One thing we should keep in mind, before we understand the concept of a news API is what exactly do we need to achieve? Now this will make a clear difference in what tool we want to have in our news feed.

Similarly, news API can be categorized into two sections. 

The first one grouped as ‘news as entertainment’. Such news feeds deliver comprehensive news articles from across the globe, generally organized by a website or specific publisher. Clients of these news APIs only want to be up-to-date with the latest news. 

The second section classified as ‘news for decision-making’. For an enriched news API like Newsdata,‘news’ is necessary data that implements quick, reliable decision-making factors related to risks, opportunities, investments etc. 

Now, what are the key aspects you think might be used to deliver a news API for decision-making? Here’s a list of five factors that have been covered. 

1. Coverage 

When we say coverage, that itself adds comprehensiveness to the term. Likewise, a news API should deliver sufficient and full-scale coverage in multilingual languages, including English that can consequently help in decision making. For instance, API consistently tracks over 40,000+news articles , both at the backend and in front of the paywall.

On the contrary, what sort of significant news article has featured in a news feed eventually depends on your requirements and configuration. Yet, you have to make sure that you find almost everything that’s needed. 

2. Timeliness

Needless to say, decision-making is everything about the time. Therefore, a news feed dependent on fund management to illustrate requires ending unfavorable events as quickly as possible.

Thus, your company should plan for a news API that can deliver relevant news events, articles in real-time. 

As a result, with the change of time, organizations have shifted from traditional methods to AI approached news intelligence that aggregates, easy-to-understand and provides to the news API within time.

3. Relevance

Here relevance’s interlinked with coverage and timeliness. So, a news feed should aggregate relevant news information for their targeted customers. 

Besides, most of the news feed goes lower in rank. Thus, we are required to comprehend the distinction between a primary keyword and entity detection applying NLP.

You can know the primary keyword is suitable when you choose to aggregate news on Zurich insurance and about the city. In the same way, entity detection’s preferred when you wish to extract either of the above including some more detail on the specific category.

Moreover, NLP focuses on the news to delivered into meaningful text and provides the option of filtration so that it gets easy for users to select from various useful entities.

Furthermore, a news API can assess sentiment, relations between entities and intuitively aggregates semantic similarities to evaluate the significance.

Hence, you can get what you exactly need from planning to choose a news API of your choice. 

4. Scalability

The basic requirement of any news feed is to have flexible and scalable data as their solution. Just as decision-makers are concerned to bring change in their pattern constantly. Similarly, a news API should target to make changes quickly. 

Furthermore, we should be able to include new entities without making long search strings and add publications without creating scraping tools. Besides, we should be able to modify or broaden the benchmark we apply for relevance immediately. 

Scalability also defines the proficiency to deliver a news API over thousands of endpoints, especially when installed in customer’s news intelligence applications like Newsdata.

Whichever news feed you choose should built on tested challenges so it doesn’t come to the end of restructuring. 

Last but not the least, we require bypassing manual interference most of the time. Honest scalability means augmenting the volume of news articles we identify and deliver them on our news feed that should not influence performance.

5. Trustworthiness

Most obviously, we should be able to trust what we read. In times of fake news, reliability should be kept in mind, and trusted news API requires to be constantly monitored.

For this fact, Newsdata continuously assesses and evaluates all the publishers so that our customers don’t have to.  

In the same way, the complete volume of news feeds over a specific event can provide a quick process to gauge the importance and reliability of the news.

Therefore, a suitable news feed can give you relevant information without going into detail, instead of providing the option of selecting from the most trusted publishers. 

If your organization relies on real-time news events, it automatically lets you ask whether the news API you depend on actually covers the concerned criteria.

If suppose they don’t, then you can simply drop us your requirements or try our free trial of Newsdata API.

5 points to consider while developing a News API
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5 points to consider while developing a News API
In this context, I've discussed about 5 main points you as a user need to find out while selecting a news API.
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