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News API is crucial in gathering news, articles, and blog feeds. There are several purposes of News API and it provides seamless data transfer. Let’s understand what are the rate limits that are being provided by for free and paid users.

What is the Rate Limit?

Rate limiting is a technique used by API providers to control the number of requests made by a single user or application within a specified time frame. By imposing limits on the number of requests, API providers can protect their servers from being overwhelmed and maintain a stable service for all users.

It also helps prevent misuse or unauthorized access to the API, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining the integrity of the platform. News API Rate Limit

Free Users

The API credits for free users per day is 200 and a free user can get 10 articles per credit. So it means the user can request 2000 articles per day.

The API rate limit of free users is 30 credits per 15 minutes which means the free user can request up to 300 articles per 15 minutes. In 1 second free users can request 10 API credits which would obtain them 100 articles per second.

Paid Users

The API credits for paid users are as follows:
Basic plan: 20,000/month
Professional plan: 50,000/month
Corporate plan: 300,000/month

The API rate limit of paid users would get them 10 APIs per second which would fetch them 500 articles. Paid users can consume up to 1800 credits per 15 minutes which is 90,000 articles.

So in a month Basic plan users can request 1,000,000 articles per month, professional users can request 2,500,000 articles per month and corporate users can request 15,000,000 articles per month.


Basic Plan

Professional Plan

Corporate Plan

Rate Limit(Articles/Month)




Where is a high API rate limit required?

Following are the instances where you would require higher API limits.

    • Stock market and crypto market tracking requires constant tracking of breaking and live news.
    • War-like situations and major events require constant updates from time to time.
    • Research purpose demand seamless data extraction without any error in fetching data.
    • To track country-specific news of different categories like science, business, sports, etc.

The high API rate limits help fetch data instantly, with up to 1800 API credits per 15 minutes. Fetching data becomes easy, and you can extract up to 90,000 articles in 15 minutes.

Maximum News Extraction

Users can consume all the 1800 API rate limits without crossing the limit. Users can distribute their API requests according to their needs in the 15-minute time frame.

What happens if the rate limit is exceeded?

If the rate limit is exceeded, then the API will show “Rate Limit Exceeded.” Thus, the user would be unable to fetch any data for 15 minutes.

Further requests will only be made once the 15-minute cycle is reset. In 15 minutes, users can only use 1800 API credits.

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