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Looking forward to any news API is easy until it comes to a one-time project, or maybe your entity wants to gauge news articles on a larger scale. This article is all about searching for various perspectives that may work on behalf of Google News API alternatives and can be applied to your solution simultaneously.

Google News API Overview

Google newsGoogle News is programmed by its developers, operating in-built AI and machine learning algorithms. Google News aggregator tracks thousands of news articles, magazines, and publishers in real-time. At the same time, it delivers news suggestions depending on your prior browsing history. Google News supports multilingualism and covers all the regions across the globe.

Google News API Limitations

You may obtain Google News or Google Alerts for use cases, and that will be sufficient for your tasks. However, both of the services have numerous restrictions that lack organizations to use at a sizable scale. Sadly, Google News API has no appropriate backup to recover a large volume of relevant data. Its API sets limitations on news articles that could retrieve per query.

The next question arises on rate restricting limitations. Google News is systemized in a way that it targets human users and can detect bots simultaneously. Hence, if you make queries in bulk, then you might end up getting your IP banned.

Google News API’s search interface category blocks from developing complex queries. While its full-text search storage solutions deliver a range of operators to create search queries for nearly any difficulty.

Use cases for News API

Your organization scrapes news information due to various use cases that are paramount for analyzing trends in the market, checking brand reputation, tracking competitors, and monitoring financial news data. Almost all entities trust media monitoring services and news sources to target new opportunities, more clients in the market.

1. Keyword tracking

keyword trackingTarget prime keywords and then detect relevant news articles related to specific keywords used.

2. Data collection

data collectionExtract news articles in large volume. Use it for analysis, machine learning algorithms and models that can be applied to your solution.

3. Better engagement with authors 

Evaluate statistics on articles, blogs, and topics authors publish about. To have improved engagement with them.

4. Financial news monitoring

News has a greater influence on the stock market. If you acquire the latest news at the start, then you may have a benefit over your competitors. News API Overview news is an easy-to-understand, effective JSON-based REST API. It is programmed and developed to fix almost all queries. It tracks thousands of news articles, blogs, topics, and publishers in real-time and has covered the past 2 years of historical news data. Our news API access over 10,000 news articles per day from web & media sources, news aggregators. Hence can be ingested in any NLP & machine learning model. 

On top of that, our website offers various text analysis models that you can use to analyze the tracked news data such as:

  • Sentiment Analysis 
  • Entity Detection 
  • Emotion Analysis 
  • Topic labeling 
  • Semantic Similarity
  • Intent Detection

Google News and News API parallel comparison

  • Maximum number of articles returned per query

Google News has a limitation of 100 articles per query and lacks chances to recover extra. It can be a massive restriction on search keywords if it has a high search volume. Therefore, the specific keyword may hold hundreds or thousands of relevant news articles.

On the other hand, delivers relevant news articles in real-time and has saved archive news data for its customers. Our news API provides a free plan that allows 500 API calls per day and fetches up to 10 articles per request. For commercial purposes, check our paid plan that includes 300,000 API calls and fetches up to 50 articles per request.

  • Available news article metadata

Google News has a restricted quantity of metadata to display on specific articles. It mostly mentions the publication date, description field, title, and the original article link. carries extra details on every news article, blog direct from the webpage. Thus it mentions the article link, title, description, publication date, the domain of the publication, URL of the image on the article page, list of authors, language, country, the snippet of the content.

All the above information can be helpful to your organization for use cases like data collection or public relations. PR companies require in-depth details on authors and journalists. Therefore, gauging news articles by authors on a bigger scale can permit them to work more effectively.

  • Rate limit restrictions 

Google News has rate limit restrictions. Crossing the regulation may cause in banning on your IP address. has a sufficient amount of rate limit restrictions. Our news API’s system is safe and secure. At the same time, we balance a large volume of requests.

  • Pricing

Google News lacks certain major limitations but is free of cost. news API has a free trial plan for individual requirements, otherwise, we’ve a paid plan for extracting news data on a large scale.


Searching for the desired news API completely depends on your use case, whether it be Google News or any other news API. If the situation is where you require a news API simply for your personal tasks, then you should go for Google News or Google alerts. Or else, if you want to augment data on a larger scale, then going for a comprehensive coverage news API like can provide effectiveness and efficiency in your work. Our news API promises to deliver reliable, precise, and unbiased news data that our customers require. Visit our website for more information. See you next time!

Finding Google News API Alternatives
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Finding Google News API Alternatives
In this context, I've briefly suggested alternatives that can work on behalf of Google News API. Along with discussing about its merits and demerits. Closely explained the comparison as well.
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