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The social web is now the biggest battleground for brands and businesses. Due to the emergence of marketing on social media, everyone should know about Twitter tracking.

Twitter, one of the most influential social media platforms has almost all major brands promoting themselves on the platforms. But the pace at which conversations take place on Twitter makes it difficult even for seasoned marketers to expand their reach and engagement.

Growing your social media presence is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you have just started on the platform. But you can change that if you use Twitter tracking to spy on your competitors.

In this blog, we will discuss the various benefits of tracking and spying on your competitors. Let’s get started.

The first thing you need is the help of an analytical tool that can streamline the process.

FollowerAudit: Twitter Analytics tool

Identify and add all competitors to a private Twitter list

The first and foremost thing that you must do is make a list of all your competitors. You probably have 5-10 competing brands in your mind, but don’t stop there. Do thorough research and look for as many popular competitive brands as you can find.

Once you have a thorough list of competitors, go to Twitter, create a private Twitter list, and add them to it. Once you have added them to the Twitter list, you can easily track their social media moves. You can check the content they post and the users they engage with.

Also, since the Twitter list is private, your competitors won’t even know that you are spying on them. You can gain access to insights like:

  • Their ongoing Twitter strategy
  • What products and services they are promoting?
  • What type of content do they leverage?
  • What topics draw the most engagement?
  • What are their upcoming events?

To create a list, log in to your Twitter account and click on ‘Lists’ in the menu. Now click on the new list icon, name the list, add a description, and don’t forget to click on ‘Make private’.

Twitter follower tracker: Twitter list

Now start adding the adding you want to monitor and you are good to go.

Identify your competitor’s popular content

Consistently delivering engaging content that resonates with the audience is something that even social media experts often struggle with. The usual strategy is to look back at the content you have posted so far. Identify content topics that users like the most and use them again.

However, you can do the same with your competitors. Track the content of your competitors with a Twitter follower tracker and identify the content that their followers like the most.

Once you have a list of new engaging topics, use them to fill the gaps in your content strategy. This can help you keep the users engaged and draw more users to your Twitter profile. Maybe even those that follow your competitors.

FollowerAudit can give you access to the most recent 3200 tweets of any public Twitter account. It also offers a comprehensive analysis of these that include analytical insights to help dissect your competitors’ content strategy.

Analyze their Twitter follower base

Analyzing your competitors’ followers is one of the best ways to get insights about their consumer base and their potential customers. Using FollowerAudit, you can analyze the entire follower base of your competitors along with the accounts they follow. You can know their follower count, follower account age, verification status, follower count of followers, how frequently they engage, and much more.

You can easily gain access to insights about their followers. Once you have identified potential customers, you can start reaching out to them, just make sure that you are not spamming your competitors’ followers. It will only make it harder for them to trust their brand.

Track their Twitter follower growth

Using a Twitter follower tracker, you can track the followers of any public Twitter account. By tracking Twitter follower growth, you can measure the effectiveness of your strategies and measure success. You can do the same with your competitors.

You can track their Twitter follower growth and use the insights to identify effective strategies that can boost your social media presence. Once you have identified successful strategies, implement similar or improved strategies to propel your brand to new heights.

Identify influencers that engage with your competitors

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective paid marketing channels in 2021. They can significantly boost the visibility, engagement, and conversions of your brand.

With the help of a Twitter follower tracker, you can identify the influencers that engage with your brand as well as your competitors. You can also analyze the followers of influencers and check the quality of their follower base.

Track inactive and fake Twitter followers

The rise of fake followers has been a rising concern for many social media platforms. They follow multiple accounts but never engage, nor are they interested in your products and services.

Identifying these followers is easy if you have a couple of thousand followers. But what if a brand has hundreds of thousands of followers? Would you be able to go through all of them manually, certainly not.

FollowerAudit’s Twitter follower tracker can help you identify these fake followers with ease so you can build an engaging follower base. You can check your competitor’s follower base for fake followers and analyze their credibility.

Wrapping Up

FolloweAudit’s Twitter tracking is an excellent tool for determining who your competitors’ Twitter followers are. You’ll always be one step ahead of your competitors, and you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions that will boost your brand. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs.

5 Ways Twitter Tracking Can Help You to Spy on Your Competitors
Article Name
5 Ways Twitter Tracking Can Help You to Spy on Your Competitors
5 Ways Twitter Tracking Can Help You to Spy on Your Competitors
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