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The internet continuously receives news every minute. In fact, plenty of the news articles are original, few of them extract from social media. However, many reposts with minor improvements taken from other news sources. A news article involves various attributes, metadata, entities, keywords. It’s also written with the perspective of different types of sentiments and purposes. Therefore, a News API is required that can retrieve events, headlines, articles, and other important sources from news in a structured format for its users.

Likewise, News APIs are in demand by developers, data scientists, researchers, and NLP engineers. Moreover, news API is augmented with text analysis that can track valuable insights from news like keyword extraction, language detection, entity recognition, etc.

Now let’s get to know about the top 5 news APIs of 2021, and discuss their technical attributes and key endpoints.

1. News API news has evolved as an enriched news API. It is an easy-to-understand, effective JSON-based REST API. Besides, it tracks thousands of news articles, blogs, topics, and publishers, breaking news headlines in real-time. 

It has covered archived news data of the past two years as well. Further, our news API access over 100,000 news articles per day from web & media sources, news aggregators. Hence, it can be ingested in any NLP & machine learning model. 

Moreover, provides extra details on every news article, blog directly from the webpage. Thus, it mentions the article’s link, title, description, publication date, the domain of the publication, URL of the image on the article page, language, country, and snippet of the content.

You can make complex search queries applying country, category, language, or specific keywords within a single query. Further, Newdata news API’s endpoints render live breaking news and headlines for a country, a particular category, or a given source.

Apart from this, offers different text analysis models that you can apply to find relevant news articles and events. Hence, this includes sentiment analysis, entity detection, emotion analysis, topic labeling, semantic similarities, intent detection. Our news API has been working with 22 languages so far as of now. 

2. Event Registry

event registry Event Registry is a news intelligence platform that tracks current and archived news events and analyzes their impact. It compiles news articles from RSS feeds from over 30,000 sources in 39 languages. However, Event Registry mainly focuses on local and minor news publications. 

“Concept’ is a term used to depict different entities and non-entities that are allocated by the Wikipedia page. Further, it shows a score to the specific concept on how qualitative particular news can be. Hence, it depicts the similarity between mentioned news and wiki pages. 

It follows the hierarchical ontology scheme of DMOZ and delivers news categories applying up to 50,000 classifications but only for the English language. Additionally, Event Registry gauges the social impact of the news. For example, the number of times news articles have been published on social media.

Also, it delivers a searching tool to get news articles, stories, and events using keyword extraction. Moreover, its text analysis tool functions sentiment and language detection of news articles. 

3. Aylien News API

aylien news APIAylien news API is an NLP-enriched news intelligence platform. It aggregates, analyzes, and tracks 1.2 million news articles in real-time from across 80,000 global sources. Besides, Aylien news API covers a cluster of news including common events. 

Further, their time series apprehend and gauge spikes in story volumes over a period of time. Moreover, its autocomplete feature detects functions and attributes. It gives the chance to analyze relevant news through breaking events. Additionally, it delivers current news stories trending online.

Aylien news API detects sentiments from a given piece of text like a tweet, a review, or a news article. For instance, whether the tone of the text is positive, negative, or neutral. Again, it uses categories with taxonomies hierarchy and extracts concept by applying Wikipedia as the subject. Finally, Aylien news API generates hashtag recommendations on the news to get more opportunities through social media.

4. Contextual Web

contextual web APIContextual Web API access over 100,000 news sources to search news feeds, posts, articles, and blogs depending on your search query. Moreover, it acquires the most advanced search algorithms that can make you find what you’re looking for without consuming time. Likewise, their search engine works on the inverted indexing scheme where the innate incompetency of the plan is avoided. 

Contextual Web works on Hippocampal Memory Indexing approach to mark and restores webpages, without adding the list of intersections. Meanwhile, they are functioning on entity extraction, tracking primary keywords from the context of the entire news. 

5. News API

News APINews API is a convenient REST API that provides news data in JSON format.  Plus, it delivers real-time news articles, breaking news headlines from over 80,000 global sources, and includes archived news data. Besides, it extracts news headlines from over 50 countries. 

Furthermore, it has categorized themes into seven sections that are business, entertainment, general, health, science, sports, technology. News API authorizes you to find news that refers to a definite topic or keywords in the last 24 hours. Also, it permits you to generate complex queries, restoring data from various news sources within a single query.

Aside from this, News API’s endpoints deliver live breaking news and headlines for a specified country, a particular category, or a provided source. They’ve been working on 14 languages. Last but not least, it mentions sources, author, title, a snippet from the article, URL of news and image, date of publication, an abbreviation of unstructured content from every news article. 


Each news API is programmed with the motive of providing different types of endpoints that can meet efficiency and effectiveness simultaneously. Choosing the desired news API for your project depends on the requirements. Event Registry, News API, Contextual Web deliver refined news sources, including quality search tools.

Similarly,, Aylien news APIs, and Event Registry show a broad pattern of text analysis tools. Newsdata news API has some productive features to offer such as topic labeling of news between countries, aggregating multi-language with text. Further, tracking a variety of entities, mentioning news headlines from all over the globe. Visit website and take a free trial to experience the above-stated attributes. See you next time!

News API distinguishing features explains not all news feeds are the same
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News API distinguishing features explains not all news feeds are the same
In this context, I've explained 5 top News APIs along with their objectives, technical working, end points. Lastly concluding with a brief summary of each mentioned News API's best suited for.
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