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News API

Nowadays, the demand for news API has increased for businesses and brands in the media and web monitoring sectors. However, organizations are concerned about what is being said about them publicly and to make improvements accordingly. Although, the focus has always been on accomplishing the requirements of the concerned audience.

Therefore, news APIs help organizations and individuals to aggregate data from news sources for various purposes like use cases, blogs, news articles, forums, etc.

Moreover, organizations are much reliant on the received data that connects you to live updates from different news events. Aside from this, the API you’ve ingested into your solution must be able to fetch, extract, and deliver news data constantly.

How can News API provide comprehensive news coverage?

When we say a news API needs to have comprehensive coverage means, news data should aggregate from complete search results, including news stories from all over the globe. Besides, organizations and individuals expect to integrate a news API that can analyze and access news articles and events in real-time and from historical news archives.

Likewise, a news feed should be multilingual so that it doesn’t get problematic for any user or business organization to fetch news they might want to know.  

A customized news feed can get you relevant news data related to your industry in real-time. Even though, traditional methods are no longer practiced by any businesses or brands due to time-consuming processes and unreliable news sources.

Hence, an NLP enriched news API’s required that can do the task in a given time, showing reliable search results that might be of interest to your organization. 

Having said that, comprehensive news coverage is an unavoidable factor as it can make you track 100% fact-based news data rather than risking false information.

Since, any misinformation can have a vulnerable impact on your organization’s reputation. Thus, retrieving news data from the desired news feed can predict informed decisions for your future course of action. 

Now, let’s take the example of Crosscheck to get a clear idea of how it challenged fake news with comprehensive news coverage?

To find a reliable News API

Crosscheck is a newly launched startup started with the target to mitigate fake news from all over the world. In addition, the organization initially recommended a browser extension that authorizes users to check the ‘CrossCheck score’ for any article the users may want to read.

The software tool works as if your content gets a high score that means, it matches with various news sources on the web, and in contrast, if your content gets a low score that indicates it doesn’t match with any of the news sources given on the web.

Nevertheless, CrossCheck analyzes to leverage their software tool that can benefit businesses, journalists, and students to get 100% reliable insights. However, the prime challenge it saw coming was to form a database.

The second it knew, that it requires an on-demand news API that can crawl thousands of news data, convert it into a structured, machine-readable format within a given time, and store the data. After a thorough trial and tested analysis, CrossCheck planned to ingest Webhose news API for aggregating news data.

Now, CrossCheck can fetch thousands of news articles from Webhose news API in real-time. In fact, the news API identifies key text, quotes, and statistics that can be cross verified with the CrossCheck’s actual database, and provides a score to the mentioned data.

Try Newsdata API today

Visit Newsdata API for intelligent-based applications, processes, and models with access to real-time enriched, tagged, and structured news data. Give a free trial today and get the chance to experience the in-built functions and features.

Get 100% comprehensive news coverage with News API
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Get 100% comprehensive news coverage with News API
Here's a description on how News API can deliver comprehensive news coverage related to your industry. I've mentioned Crosscheck as an example to make it more clear.
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