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news apis in the market

During the earlier days of digitalization when users began to interact with the internet, a handful of news APIs came into existence. Ultimately organizations and brands managing web and media monitoring services started depending on them.  News APIs such as Google, Bing, and Bloomberg helped maintain the flow of information from large volumes of news sources all over the internet. An interesting fact to mention here is, Google’s news API became available around 19 years back. It came along with affordable price plans and offered free web scrapers that could be applied for small, easy-to-use data projects.

Back then media and web monitoring organizations were the only group that relied on news APIs. They used it to access real-time news data for tracking trends in the market, perform competitor analysis, and brand monitoring that is significant for any entity. Today almost all organizations want to scrap news data related to their industry from machine learning and NLP algorithms. 

The emergence of News APIs along with the start of the digital world

news api digital world

Now all of these prominent news APIs had their own opportunities and obstacles. To give you a brief idea let’s take Google and Bing news APIs. They offered search results from leading search engines that endured for a longer run. During that time search results covered over 35 languages. The trouble appeared when search results were found to be biased, and it could fluctuate at any time. Besides, news data neither had comprehensive news data coverage nor did they add niche or news sites. Another drawback they could not notice was that scaling of news data was costly to users. 

You don’t have to wait any longer because we are here with a solution. Our news API’s target is to be committed to crawling news from all over the web. We offer comprehensive high-quality news coverage, and relevant search results related to your industry irrespective of how many times algorithm updates have taken place on search engines. You can go back up to the past 2 years of archived data, and we make sure that it is frequently updated. 

 We cover news data in over 22 languages so far for our users. Our advanced search filter allows your organizations and brands to search for specific news such as language, country, topic, and more. We offer our users machine-readable, easy-to-understand, high-end data quality in XML or JSON format. However not every organization is looking for a long-term relation with a third-party news data provider. If you want to extract specific news datasets, we got it covered too. 

The developing market for News API

It is obvious that someday your business will start to grow in the market. You will also need to upgrade your products and services to meet your customer’s ever increasing requirements. Nowadays the demand for APIs in almost each and every industry sector has expanded massively whether it be healthcare, financial services, or news. While it is clear that news APIs are augmenting in the business world mainly cover machine learning, AI, NLP technologies. 

You would be curious to know that the news APIs could be worth $37 billion by 2025 as evaluated by Forrester. There was a time when use cases were limited to web and media monitoring organizations or researchers. They have now combined financial analysis, NLP, machine learning, AI to almost all the organizations regardless of their size. Your organization might not be just looking for fresh news data. But also expects news APIs to provide structured, convenient, and useful information related to your industry along with past news data.

Time to observe market of News APIs progressing

The popularity of news APIs among organizations has been rising dramatically each and every day. Although, in the early days news scrapers were still reasonably priced or free. As we can consider that with the evolution of news APIs the market has grown, likewise its pricing plans have also revised. However, one thing is certain that various news APIs deliver limited data from the web. We’ve got your back, promises its users to deliver reliable, precise, and most importantly unbiased news data that our customers require. Visit our website for more information. See you next time!

The growing demand for News APIs in the market
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The growing demand for News APIs in the market
I've discussed about the growing popularity of news APIs in today's business world. Along with how news APIs have taken place over digital world.
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