5 mistakes you should avoid while choosing a news API

5 mistakes you should avoid while news a news API

The internet is now the go-to place to access relevant information, we even need it to complete our daily activities. Isn’t this relatable? Digitalization is always a step ahead of almost everything we perceive. The web gives you access to thousands of search results based on your search criteria. Nowadays readers want to stay up-to-date with all the happenings around the globe, so they look for sources that provide the latest news updates within seconds. Moreover, brands and business organizations need access to news data from various sources all over the internet. But assembling all relevant news data from the web is a complex task which cannot be accomplished manually. So it requires the right news API to keep track of all news sources worldwide. 

Let’s discuss the various types of news data collected from the below-mentioned categories: 

  • News Scraper

For collecting valuable news insights, the data should be either specific or small. Let’s say you want to gather information from specific sites, or specific information from various news sites. In such a situation Scrap Hub provides you to control the structuring and parsing of news data all by yourself. You can choose to scrape data from specific news sources or news about a specific topic from multiple sources.

  • On-demand news API

Often you or your business requires access to large volumes of news data. For instance, you want to extract news articles in English with the prime keyword “Tennis” that is a breaking news story. In such situations you might want to use the service of Newsdata.io that provides in-built scraping, parsing, and structuring of news data for you. At the back-end data is stored in a database so you can easily extract informative insights.

Many times businesses are in search of collecting more than news data, and it is very much possible that your business expects to find improved news data for better analysis. You might want to extract specific news you want to cover with the help of selecting advanced queries through filtration such as category, country, and language or using a combination of all the three. If you’re giving a thought on extracting the data all by yourself then that can consume a lot of time, effort, and resources for extracting valuable insights. Therefore it would be better if the task is carried out by a suitable news API on your behalf. Also, some businesses might want to create their own machine learning models to leverage news data. Hence keeping these possibilities in mind let’s find out what mistakes you should avoid while choosing a desired news API.

1. It’s not comprehensive

comprehensive news coverage

Various businesses and brands are required to monitor dozens of competitors in the market, and manage to leverage thousands of products at the same time. For such purposes choosing an appropriate news API that can provide comprehensive news coverage is foremost. This is also applicable for companies dealing with media and web monitoring services that are required to be up-to-date with every single information received on the net in each minute. Financial management and other enterprises level companies are also dependent on the algorithms of machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technique to obtain high end comprehensive news data.

The fact that needs to be uncovered is that many news APIs don’t cover every minute news articles published on the internet. There are chances that they might not have focused on particular niche sites. Let’s take an example, Google News API follows its own algorithm while crawling and indexing sites, so news and niche sites might get missed. Another fact to consider is that most of the news APIs don’t crawl information in different languages. This can be problematic for various businesses seeking news from different regions. Moreover, those news APIs that do provide categories may end up showing you empty search and advanced query content in your preferred language. 

On the other hand, Newsdata.io’s on-demand crawler offers comprehensive news coverage from all over the globe in 22 different languages. 

2. The data isn’t machine-readable and ready to integrate into your solutions

machine readable

Each and every organization counts on the data provided by the news APIs so as to analyze all the facts and figures. If this data is not structured then it is said to be deficient. Another important point to discuss here is that websites should locate fields and values such as title, post text, comments, dates, and author’s names. Thus you can easily access the data and analyze it accordingly. This procedure involves systematizing and normalizing all the data, hence it can effortlessly be consumed by machine learning and NLP web based applications. Preparing and cleansing are till date considered to be a gap area where most of the organizations face problems.

Newsdata.io systemizes and normalizes the data for organizations that are required to analyze the data or create machine learning and NLP algorithms. We also provide different methods to continuously supply the data to support multiple requirements through news API.

3. It’s not continuous

For news sites to create web traffic on the net it is necessary to crawl or to fetch constantly. Otherwise, consumers will not be able to check the relevant data that is important to obtain exact media, web monitoring, financial analysis, and competitive analysis. Almost all organizations rely on machine learning and NLP algorithms to extract accurate information. 

To track all relevant news data in large volumes with low latency, you will need an effective News API. With Newsdata.io you gain comprehensive news coverage with minimum delay in tracking speeds.

4. It’s not scalable

It’s possible that your business might have set up in-house crawlers for conditions that were required before. Now while it’s time to scale the data or maybe you’ve specific query but with a missing predefined record of sources. When your entity reaches a point where it is necessary to fetch thousands of news sources you hadn’t crawled before, you might have to opt for advanced news data feeds that leverages the earlier crawled news sources that have never been crawled before.

5. It includes only current news data, not past news data

For organizations, historical news data can be of significant value as it can help them trace patterns and extract insights. Based on these findings you can make informed decisions for your future course of action. It can also help you avoid making the same mistakes to avoid damages. Let’s take SESAMm, it’s a large data gathering company that directs customers to create financial markets forecasts and plans for all asset groups. The company heavily relies on current and frequently modified news articles such as blogs, discussions, and reviews. It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) technique to create customer indicators on the basis of sentiments, emotions, and ESG scores on various financial assets. These predictive analysis models check large datasets provided by advanced crawlers with utmost accuracy to provide a comprehensive overview. 

Advanced News APIs such as Newsdata.io provides high end datasets that cover archived news data from the past 2 years.

Test drive your news API today

I hope this list can help your organization save time and effort while finding the right news API. You can find other alternatives also, but ultimately it’s crucial to choose the one that suits your requirements. See you next time!

5 mistakes you should avoid while choosing a news API
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5 mistakes you should avoid while choosing a news API
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