Find the latest news articles from the world for free with over 66581+ sources. Filter news articles by any keywords, countries, languages, authors, categories, sources, publication date, and more with our News API.

Examples of Free News API Requests

Below are examples of API requests using different programming languages. Also, you can extract news data from websites in JSON, Excel, and CSV formats.

Explore’s Free News Datasets's complimentary news datasets aggregate diverse news information from the web and various reputable sources, spanning languages, countries, and categories. These datasets are instrumental for numerous projects in ML, AI, NLP, and sentiment analysis, serving both businesses and individuals alike.


Ukraine Russia Conflict

Track and monitor incidents happening in Ukraine

Size :

5.2 MB

No. of Records :



Covid-19 and vaccine news

Monitor Covid-19 and vaccine related news from the world.

Size :

9.21 MB

No. of Records :



World politics

Monitor world politics with the news collected from the world.

Size :

5.5 MB

No. of Records :


Benefits of Our News API

Real-time & Historical News Data

  • Search, collect, and track worldwide news, headlines, trends, and updates in real-time from many global news sources.
  • These data can help in research, business, and analyzing trends.
  • provides the systemically and most reliable data.
realtime historical news data
monitor global news

Monitor Global News

  • Easy access to millions of articles and news data from various sources.
  • Get news articles from more than 200 countries in one place.
  • Search for news articles in more than 87 languages to stay updated in the language of your choice.

Free News Dataset

  • Create a News Dataset for forecasting events, such as stock market movements, election outcomes, or social trends.
  • has provided a Free News Dataset that can be used for research purposes, analyzing market trends and business developments.
  • Create your news dataset. For more click here.
free news dataset
advanced extraction

Advanced Extraction

  • Easy to extract data in formats like JSON, HTML, CSV, and Excel.
  • Search & extract news with advanced filters of keywords, date, country, language, and more.
  • Send a request to our server and get customized news results.

Sufficient Request Parameters

  • Create an account on & get 200 API credits daily for free.
  • You can use tools like HTTP REST clients like Postman or Curl to get the JSON data.
  • Make possible query parameters and then customize your request by including filters such as language, country, category, and much more.
sufficient request parameters
data visualization in seconds

Data Visualization in Seconds

  • Search for any keyword and get a visualization of news articles from all over the world.
  • Enhance the data by data modeling and visualizations.
  • Maximize the value of your news data by enriching it with visualization.

Key Features of Our Free News API

global news api

Global News API

Find the latest news and trending topics from around the world for free with over 66581 sources. We index over 1 million news articles per week.

cryptocurrency market research

Cryptocurrency Market Research

Latest news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other cryptocurrencies enabling market researchers to stay updated on what's happening in the crypto world.

google news scraping

Google News Scraping

Scraping Google News directly is against their rules, you can use our API to get news articles, and headlines from different sources including Google News.

free news dataset

Free News Dataset

Researchers, data scientists, and businesses can use a free news dataset to measure public opinion, train language models, identify trends, and understand market dynamics.

easy integration

Easy Integration

Receive API responses in JSON format through HTTP GET requests, and integrate them seamlessly into your applications. For more read this blog.

advanced search filter

Advanced Search Filter

Search news articles filtered by any keyword, country, language, category, source, publication date, and more will help you find the news you're interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to, and click on Get API Key. Then, simply sign up and get a Free API key from your dashboard.

A free news API can help developers, researchers, or businesses by giving access to millions of news data that can be used for a variety of things, like developing apps, doing research, writing reports, and building business intelligence. is one of the best news APIs for both commercial and non-commercial use. But for commercial use, you need to buy a subscription. For more detail visit our pricing plan.

There is no free plan for the Google News API, but it does come with a custom search JSON API so you can search and get results. You can use third-party APIs to get Google News articles.